5 Nurses Suspended For Peeping At Dead Patient’s Genitals With Sizable Curiosity

Five nurses who work at a Denver hospital were suspended for opening a body bag just for the purpose of viewing a deceased man’s genitals. This occurred after talk of the well-endowed deceased patient spiked their curiosity.

The Denver Health Medical Center administration got wind of a deceased patient’s genitals stirring up a curiosity among some on their nursing staff and investigated. They learned that the deceased patient became a stop for curious nurses even before the patient died at the hospital.

As a patient, the man was incapacitated and “multiple staff members” viewed the man’s private parts both before and after his death. According to the Sacramento Bee, once the man had died, the nurses reportedly opened a body bag to “view the patient’s genitals and admire their size.” It sounds as if the buzz about this patient was the talk around the water cooler for a few days and during that time nurses hearing this story took a peek for themselves.

This incident occurred between March 31 and April 3, but it wasn’t brought to the hospital administrators until another nurse, who was not involved in the incident, overheard her colleagues talking. The nurse who blew the whistle on hospital colleagues heard another nurse talking about the well-endowed man and how his private parts were eyed as a curiosity while the man was in the hospital.

The hospital reported this incident to the police and the police report stated, “Multiple staff members viewed the victim while he was incapacitated, including after he was deceased,” according to ABC News. The police did not find any evidence that a crime had been committed and referred the incident back to the hospital for them to deal with this internally.

According to Fox News, a nurse who was not involved brought what she had overheard to the hospital administrators. The five nurses involved were suspended from their jobs for three weeks and four have since returned to work. The fifth nurse no longer works at the hospital, but her departure from the position had nothing to do with this incident.

It is not known what floor or medical unit these nurses were working on at the time and their names have not been made public. The deceased patient’s identity has also been protected, but it is not known if the hospital made the family members of this deceased patient aware of this incident.

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