Irma Update: Hurricane Hits Caribbean Islands, Causes Major Damages

Hurricane Irma — a category 5 storm — is making its way through the path predicted in the past few days. The storm is already considered the strongest ever in the Atlantic. Several Caribbean islands, including Barbuda and Saint Martin, have already been hit by the strong 185mph winds that Irma brought.

The Telegraph reported that tourists have already been evacuated from the islands, as the most powerful Atlantic Ocean hurricane in recorded history is on track to create catastrophic damage.

Barbuda was hit at 1:47 a.m. local time with devastating consequences. Shortly after, the storm continued its path and made landfall on the French islands of Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin. According to officials, the islands have already suffered major damage, including torn-off rooftops of even the sturdier buildings.

Luckily, so far there have been no reports of casualties, but that could certainly change in the upcoming days. Even though an evacuation was strongly recommended by the French government, the French minister for overseas territories, Annick Girardin, mentioned that he feared "for a certain number of our compatriots who unfortunately didn't want to listen to the protection measures and go to more secure sites."

"We're preparing for the worst."
Listening to government advice at this time is key. Evacuation mandates are there to protect the residents of the territories that could potentially be devastatingly affected by Hurricane Irma.

At this moment, it is expected that the storm will continue on its way to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Cuba. It is still uncertain if Hurricane Irma will hit Florida over the weekend, but residents and visitors of the state have been advised to evacuate as soon as possible.

A state of emergency has been declared by President Donald Trump for Florida, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Residents in six southern islands of the Bahamas have also been advised to evacuate.

In Florida, people are already preparing for the storm to hit. Store shelves are empty as residents try to buy as much as possible ahead of the possible landfall this weekend. At this point, though, people have been encouraged to evacuate in order to be kept safe.

[Featured Image by Nasa/AP Images]