'Outlander' Season 3 Premiere Spoilers: What Happens After Claire And Jamie Say Goodbye?

Outlander Season 3 is set to premiere on Sunday, and fans have been waiting what seems like forever to find out what will happen after Jamie and Claire said goodbye. As viewers know, a flash forward in the Season 2 finale revealed major storylines to come. However, not the details of those plots.

According to Spoiler TV, Jamie and Claire will find themselves in very different places in life when Outlander Season 3 begins airing this weekend on Starz. The premiere episode, titled The Battle Joined, will reveal the Battle of Culloden and what happens to Jamie after the big fight, as well as Claire's new life back in the 1940s with her first husband, Frank.

Jamie will live through the Battle of Culloden, although he didn't expect he would, and when he returns home from war there will be an unexpected and unpleasant surprise waiting for him. Jamie will find himself at the mercy of the British soldiers, and they likely won't be happy that he just killed many of their men in battle.

However, Outlander fans will soon find out that Jamie will get another surprise when a familiar figure from his past is revealed. The connection may be just what Jamie needs to get himself out of the trouble he will be in with the British soldiers.

Meanwhile, Claire will be back in her own time period, and living with Frank. Although Claire promised to put her past with Jamie behind her, Outlander viewers will see her struggle with thoughts of her beloved Jamie, whom she believes was killed in the Battle of Culloden.
Claire will attempt to adjust to her new life with Frank in the modern world, but it won't be easy. As Claire carries Jamie's child inside of her, the baby will be a constant reminder of what she lost when she went back through the stones just before the Battle of Culloden. It seems safe to say that Claire and Frank's marriage won't be what it once was, and it will be difficult for her to pretend everything is fine when her heart is still clearly with Jamie.

What are your thoughts on the latest Outlander Season 3 premiere spoilers? Are you excited for the new season to premiere Sunday on Starz?

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