‘Battlefield 3: End Game’ DLC Details Emerge

End Game, Battlefield 3‘s fifth expansion, is still quite a ways away from its March, 2013 release date, but new details have already emerged on what may be the game’s last map pack.

So far, each of Battlefield 3‘s map packs had some sort of theme. Aftermath maps were set in an earthquake-ravaged Tehran, while Armored Kill’s theme was massive scale. According to a new listing on the Battlefield website (via CVG), End Game has a theme too: speed.

We still don’t know what any of End Game’s maps will look like, but the listing does suggest that speed will most definitely be involved; the Battlefield 3 map pack will see the introduction of “fast and agile” dirt bikes along with two other new vehicles.

End Game will also introduce an interesting new feature that allows players to “turn the tide” of battle by air dropping in troop transports. It sounds interesting, but it’s one that we’ll need to take a look at before passing judgment.

Battlefield 3‘s fifth map pack will also be bringing back the classic game mode “Capture The Flag.”

Seeing as how EA and DICE have already confirmed that Battlefield 4 is in development, it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing more Battlefield 3 map packs after End Game. The Battlefield 4 beta is expected to launch at some point in the latter half of 2013, but it isn’t known exactly when just yet.

It also isn’t known whether or not Battlefield 4 will be coming to next-generation hardware. For that, we’ll just have to wait until E3 next year.