‘Disjointed’ Season 2: Part 2 Confirmed On Netflix, But Will Kathy Bates’ Marijuana Comedy Be Canceled Over Reviews

Netflix has officially confirmed that Disjointed Season 2 will NOT be toking up in the future.

Unfortunately, Disjointed Season 2 will forever be hiding behind a haze of marijuana smoke, but Netflix’s Disjointed Part 2 is already within easy reach like a bag of Lays chips. Disjointed reviews either seem to love or hate the sitcom featuring Kathy Bates, but the fandom on social media was not high enough to demand a second season since Netflix has officially canceled the show.

The Netflix weed comedy is the brainchild of Chuck Lorre, who has been creating successful TV show on CBS for years. He is now working on Young Sheldon, a prequel series to The Big Bang Theory, and he told IndieWire that he followed director Jon Favreau around to learn the craft of creating single-camera filmmaking. But Disjointed was more familiar to Lorre since it’s a multi-camera process set in front of a live studio audience.

The Disjointed TV show was originally pitched to CBS, but the concept was considered too edgy because of the setting inside Ruth’s pot dispensary. The design was originally built around the structure of a CBS sitcom and it was relatively tame since it “didn’t take advantage of anything that is available in the Netflix world.” So, when Disjointed was pitched to Netflix he rewrote the script and tried to take advantage of the Netflix platform.

“Instead of 21 and a half minutes to tell your story, you have whatever you need. 28, 29, 31 minutes, it doesn’t matter,” he said. “Obviously you gave no censorship issues or broadcast standards. And you can have an ongoing story, because the audience is watching 10 episodes.”

The most notable change from a CBS sitcom was the presence of swearing, especially the f-bombs being dropped from Kathy Bates’ mouth.

“It was fun after 30 years of network television, to have a character say exactly what you want them to say,” Lorre said. “But that freedom comes with a price. It can be abused. It’s just a judgment call, as to when it’s appropriate and when it is lazy.”

Co-creator David Javerbaum helped come up with budding ideas since he was not used to the usual sitcom format. Javerbaum was responsible for coming up with the elaborate animation segments and the fake commercial breaks that promote the cannabis industry. Even reviews that are critical of the stoner humor found these segments to be hilarious.

Lorre said there was some pushback from Warner Bros. because of the expense of the animated sequences but the Disjointed creator pushed the ideas through.

“[Javerbaum] came into this with the ability to easily deconstruct the genre,” said Lorre. “My big role in that was to say, ‘Get out of his way.’ This is an insanely creative and funny man. Let’s create some space for him to do something that hasn’t been done before.”

Disjointed Part 2 Release Date

When Netflix’s Disjointed TV show was first planned out the streaming giant ordered 20 episodes. Netflix decided to split the first season into two parts, with Disjointed Part 2’s release date now confirmed to be set for January 12, 2018. Some news reports have referred to the second part as Disjointed Season 2, but that is not how Netflix is advertising it with their official trailer.

This is not the first time a Netflix original series has been split up into chunks rather than be set up for binge-watching. Netflix’s other sitcom, The Ranch, was also split into parts. Even the third season of Voltron: Legendary Defender was split in half, with the second half being labeled as Voltron Season 4 by Netflix.

Disjointed Season 2 Canceled: Bad Reviews A Downer?

Netflix initially decided to leave Disjointed renewed with Part 2 rather than have the show completely canceled. Despite Chuck Lorre’s history of success, Netflix has canceled shows that haven’t worked out after the first season. It really depended on how many people watch Disjointed Part 2 for all 20 episodes.

So far, the critics have been calling the show schwag, with Rotten Tomatoes giving the first season only a 17 percent. However, the audience (score) is pretty high, with 73 percent toking up for the weed TV show.

The biggest problem is the Netflix member reviews. Everyone loves Kathy Bates, but many of the low-star ratings cite the canned laugh track and the stoner stereotypes as their reason for the bad reviews. Even those who give the show five stars claim that the story seems to have written itself into a corner and the characters could be more interesting. Overall, there are very few three-star ratings since people seem to love or loathe the sitcom.

Netflix eventually decided to cancel Disjointed Season 2 completely. Audiences will just have to be satisfied with watching the reruns.

[Update December 14, 2017] Added official release date for Disjointed Part 2.

[Update January 5, 2017] Added official trailer for Disjointed Part 2 and clarifications related to Disjointed Season 2.

[Update February 16, 2018] Disjointed Season 2 was canceled. Article updated to reflect the news.