‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episodes 107-109 Spoilers: Master Roshi vs Frost, Frieza’s Betrayal & Goku-Jiren Face-off

Dragon Ball Super Universal Survival Arc continues to get intense as 36 out of 80 fighters are left in the Tournament of Power. Unfortunately, DBS won’t be airing this week because of the History of Japan special on Sept. 9 and 10, according to Todd Blankenship. However, spoilers for the next three episodes are already surfacing the web, including the much-awaited battle between Son Goku and Jiren.

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super featured the Z-fighters dealing with a sniper from Universe 2. It was revealed that there were two enemies, Prum, who has the ability to reflect ki blasts, and Hermila, the real attacker. They managed to eliminate the two nemeses from U2 and Dr. Rota of U6 but ended up losing Tenshinhan.

The upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super titled “Revenge ‘F’! The Cunning Trap Is Set?” will feature Frost of U6 finally taking action. Kaioshin Fuwa ordered him to take down the warriors of U7. As of now, U6 and U7 still have eight fighters left on their team and Kaioshin Fuwa could be seeing U7 as the team to beat. Kaioshin Fuwa vowed to clear Frost’s debt and give him a financial assistance to start his business again once U6 wins the Tournament. To start their plan, Frost headed to the location of Master Roshi, who’s currently in a bad condition after eliminating three enemies.


In the preview, Master Roshi fought back by using the Evil Containment Wave, also known as Mafuba, for the second time. The technique, whether it’s successful against Frost or not, will surely put the old hermit’s life in danger since it consumes too much energy. The preview ended with Frost looking down on Master Roshi, hinting that the cheater from U6 won the battle.


Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 titled “Frieza And Frost! Their Ill Will Meets?” will be centered on Frost’s counterpart in U7, Frieza. DBS fans knew that both Frost and Frieza are evil characters from the beginning and there is no way that either of them will change. As Frieza looks for his next opponent, he saw Gohan being tormented by Jimizu, a Yardrat from U2.

The grin on his face while watching the Saiyan suffer gives U7 suspicions of betrayal. However, Frieza definitely knows that he will also be erased once U7 loses the Tournament of Power. A DBS fan opined that Frieza isn’t really planning to betray anyone and just simply marveling in the torture of a Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 titled “Strongest Enemy Approaches Goku! Fire it Now! Sure-kill Spirit Bomb!” will finally feature the battle between Son Goku and Jiren. However, before the dream match happens, Goku will continue his fight against Ribrianne of U2. Ribrianne aims to become humanities’ beloved goddess by winning the Tournament of Power.

Jiren, who spent most his time observing other fighters, is finally ready to engage in a serious fight. The strongest fighter of U11 showcased his real strength in front of Goku. Most of the fighters in the Tournament of Power are overwhelmed by Jiren’s power and as most people think, this will increase Goku’s desire to fight him.

As the title suggests, Goku will end up using his trump card, the spirit bomb or energy ball. It remains unknown how Goku will manage to collect the needed energy in a short span of time but it’s interesting to see if the Omni-Kings will also raise their hands in the process. However, Goku’s attack may not be enough to completely defeat Jiren and there is a possibility that his newt transformation will be finally revealed.

[Featured Image by Dash Toriyama | Flickr | Cropped and Resized | CC BY-SA 2.0]