Melania Trump Has A New Mission And Is ‘Committed’ To Seeing It Through

Melania Trump Has A New Mission

First Lady Melania Trump has been rumored to take on various initiatives that started with cyber-bullying to helping fight the opioid epidemic that’s facing the nation. Mrs. Trump is now reportedly taking on a new mission and is said by her spokeswoman to be “committed” in seeing it through.

Melania Trump is the subject of a new article in Us coming out this week that centers on on her new mission that she’s focusing on. Her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, tells the magazine that Melania’s trip to Corpus Christi was a “really eye-opening experience for her as first lady.” After her first visit to Texas, she was “eager” to go back and meet with survivors of Hurricane Harvey, Grisham shares. Melania was with her husband to meet with Texas Governor Greg Abbot, FEMA administrator William Long, and U.S. Coast Guard and Red Cross officials.

Grisham explains that Melania Trump is “really focused” on meeting with the people who lived through the hurricane and personally handling how to best serve their needs. The first lady’s spokeswoman goes on to reveal that Melania understands this is a “long-term process,” but is “committed to helping people and seeing that through.”

Last week Melania Trump came under fire for wearing a pair of four-inch Manolo Blahnik stilettos while on her way to board Air Force One with her husband to visit Corpus Christi after the mass devastation Hurricane Harvey left in its wake. By the time President Donald Trump and his wife arrived in Texas, the look had changed. Melania had swapped the $595 heels for a pair of white sneakers. It was maddening for those around Mrs. Trump to see the public outcry over her shoes amid a national disaster. An insider told Us magazine that Melania “just wore them out of the house” and that she wouldn’t have opted to wore the stilettos “on the ground in Texas.” The source goes on to say that “no one” in the White House considered this a something to get in a frenzy about with a “million more things going on.”

While the stilettos may have given the brief impression to some that the first lady was “tone deaf” on her way to a flooded region, it was a false one. Not only did Mrs. Trump change clothes and shoes, the experience in Texas provided her with a new desire in her role as first lady. As CNN reported, and millions of people witnessed on live television, Melania was with the president helping serve food to those in a Houston shelter. Survivors of Hurricane Harvey will need all the help they can get and having Melania Trump in their corner will undoubtedly give them more hope to get the things they need to rebuild their lives.

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