Little Buddy child tracker keeps tabs on kids so you don’t have to

Does your pesky kid have a habit of sneaking off while you’re trying to level up on WoW or watch Oprah?

Now you can watch your kid without ever having to watch your kid, thanks to the Insignia Little Buddy child tracker. Instead of having to talk to your child, you can slip this nifty device into their backpack, lunchbox or if you really want to make sure they’ve always got it on them, their Zig Zag rolling papers. Then, you can log onto a website and monitor their specific whereabouts via satellite.

While this innovation will probably be a boon to families with an autistic child or a similar situation, it seems to me that if your kid is old enough to be somewhere they aren’t supposed to be, they’re old enough to place the device in place they are supposed to be to deceive you. Potential kidnappers can easily divest a kid of backpacks and lunchboxes too, so it seems as if the Little Buddy child tracker is only useful in limited situations. Also, my kids can’t hang on to a juicebox for five minutes without losing it, and I forsee many of these devices living out their gadget lives under couch cushions and in Lego bins.

Still, if you want to have all your bases covered, you can snag a Little Buddy child tracker at Best Buy when they’re back in stock.

[via Mashable]