Arizona Elementary School Principal Accused Of Seeking Teens Online To Skinny Dip At His Home

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office says that an elementary school principal was arrested Tuesday and charged with aggravated luring of a minor. FOX 10 Phoenix reports that 59-year-old Karl Judd Waggoner allegedly posted an online ad, inviting teen girls to come to his home in Scottsdale, Arizona to skinny dip in his pool.

It was reported that during an undercover sting, a police officer responded to the online ad and posed as a 14-year-old girl. Mark Lamb, with the Pinal County Sheriff Office, stated that Waggoner, a principal at Four Peaks Elementary School, purportedly began engaging in an explicit conversation with the teen and even sent inappropriate photos.

Police officials released vague details surrounding Waggoner’s arrest, but they did express that he was arrested as he was on his way to work. While in police custody, authorities say that he admitted to seeking teen girls online to skinny dip at his home pool.

School District officials say that although he was employed during the time of the alleged incident, he was not performing any duties. There was also no indication that Waggoner engaged in inappropriate behavior with any of the students at Four Peaks Elementary School, police say.


Following the principal’s arrest, the Apache Junction Unified School District sent a letter home with students, which stated that Waggoner was offered a position with the School District on July 18 after moving to the area from Texas. It was also mentioned that for nearly two decades, Waggoner worked with three school districts, but officials say that a background check was conducted, as required by law, and they did not find any prior arrests or criminal record.

School District officials went on to inform parents that the assistant principal, Chad Cantrell, will be acting as the principal during Waggoner’s absence.

Four Peaks Elementary School principal arrested
Four Peaks Elementary School principal, Karl Judd Waggoner, arrested after allegedly seeking teen girls online to skinny dip at his home. [Image by MivPiv/iStock]

Parents were outraged and stunned after learning about the school principal’s arrest. Glen Blue, whose grandchildren attend the school, stated that the family recently sent two children to the school, a first and second-grader, and they’re not too thrilled to hear about Waggoner’s arrest.

Waggoner remains at the Pinal County Jail with a set bond of a $100,000. He is scheduled to make a court appearance on September 12.

The Apache Junction Unified School District is said to be cooperating with law enforcement agencies while an investigation continues.

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