Group That Lectured Prince William’s Wife On Family Planning Reacts To News Of Kate Middleton Getting Pregnant

A child’s rights group earlier asked Kate Middleton not to get pregnant again. Now, “Having Kids” has reacted to the Royal family expecting another member, as Prince William’s wife is pregnant for the third time.

There were speculations that Prince William and Kate Middleton were planning for their third child, after the Duchess of Cambridge apparently joked about having a larger family. While there were instant cheers to welcome the decision, there were people who said the Royals should not have another child.

“Having Kids” lectured Prince William and Kate on family planning and asked them not to consider having another Royal baby. The group’s decision to focus on Duchess Catherine’s pregnancy met with a lot of resistance.

Many people slammed the group for unnecessarily targeting the celeb couple. Many defended the Royals by saying that it would be up to them to decide whether or not they would prefer having another member in the family.

Now that Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy has been confirmed by the Kensington Palace, “Having Kids” has responded to the news. Unlike the last time when the group decided to take a controversial stand on the issue, the organization has reacted positively about Kate’s pregnancy.

The group admits it has so far tried to persuade William and Kate against having another kid. However, it now “sincerely congratulates” the Royal couple on planning the third baby.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge view helicopter models H145 and H135 in Germany.
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At the same time, “Having Kids” asks regular families not to get influenced by Kate’s pregnancy. The change it is looking for does not have to depend on celebs. The group continues to motivate regular families on having no more than two children to “mitigate climate change and protect the future.”

Meanwhile, there is a lot of curiosity about Prince William and Kate’s third baby. Just like her earlier pregnancy, Kate is reportedly suffering from severe morning sickness, aka hyperemesis gravidarum.

Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy has been confirmed by the Kensington Palace.
Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy has been confirmed by the Kensington Palace. [Image by Stephen Lock - Pool/Getty Images]

When Kate was expecting Princess Charlotte, the pregnancy was announced in September. Prince William’s daughter was born on May 2 next year. Going by the same rule, PureWow believes Duchess Kate is expected to deliver the third baby around late April or early May next year.

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