Jessa Duggar Under Fire For ‘Animal Cruelty’ On Baby Instagram Photos, Kids Get Spotlight On Family Facebook

With all the drama raging on in Joy-Anna and Jill’s lives, Jessa Duggar is trying to live in domestic bliss. With her baby sons Spurgeon and Henry, she is enjoying the little moments she has with her family. However, these posts on Instagram and Facebook are revealing faulty moments in her parenting, which the fans were quick to point out.

The 24-year-old mother got the first wave of criticism when she was seen carrying baby Henry the wrong way. She had strapped him to her chest, with the baby facing out, and the fans quickly noted how this is terrible for his hip development.

“It’s so bad for their hips,” a fan commented. “I’ve worn my LB since he was born but they need support right to under their knees otherwise [their] legs hang and it pulls on their hips and can cause hip dysphasia. Just turn him around […] or have him on your back.”

She did not let that deter her from posting pictures from her daily life with her kids. She posted Spurgeon pushing his brother on his stroller around the kitchen, baby Henry looking fresh and clean after a bath and her date nights with her husband, Ben Seewald.

But her latest Instagram post again put her under fire for engaging in “cruel” practices concerning animals. It was about taking her eldest son to ride ponies, after she realized that he was obsessed with horses, and how he reacted to a real-life animal. Instead, some fans saw how she may have engaged in animal cruelty, albeit unknowingly.

“This practice is incredibly cruel,” one fan commented. “Those poor things are lined up very unnaturally and cannot move. They are forced to walk in circles in the heat all day without care, and have children placed on their backs over and over again (just an hour of riding a day can cause permanent back problems for horses, even if the child is light.)”

“Please consider going somewhere where they take proper care of their animals next time,” the fan continued. “I’m sure there are many places in Arkansas that will be happy to take Spurgeon on a trail ride.”

Considering how cute her kids are, it has been hard for her to stop them from getting attention from everyone, including their grandparents. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar frequently babysit Spurgeon and Henry and like to post about their time together on the family’s Facebook page.

These pictures have gotten praises for Jessa.

“Jessa is such an amazing mother! Look how happy, healthy, and content those babies are,” a fan wrote underneath the picture. “Also looks how clean, haha! We all know how hard it is to keep a perfectly clean house with small babies around!”

Jessa has been much more active on her Instagram lately, much more so than her other married sisters, Jill, Jinger or Joy-Anna. After giving birth to baby Henry in February, she has been making time to update her fans on the day-to-day joy that her kids bring. With the new season of Counting On premiering on September 11, there may be many more details that she will share with her followers.

[Featured Image by Ben Seewald/Instagram]