Midwestern Snowstorm Blamed For Deadly 25-Car Crash In Iowa

A massive winter snowstorm hit the Midwest on Thursday, causing a deadly 25-car accident in Iowa. The crash killed one person and was caused by treacherous driving conditions.

Drivers were blinded by the snow and weren’t able to see vehicles ahead of them that had either slowed or stopped along Interstate 60, reports Yahoo! News.

A chain reaction of crashes occurred about 60 miles north of Des Moines involving semi trailers and passenger cars. The 25-car wreck closed down a section of the interstate. Similar conditions were seen across the Midwest because of heavy snow and strong winds.

The storm caused blizzard conditions between Kansas and Wisconsin and those who planned flights for the Christmas holiday had a tough time. Snow, wind, and thunderstorms contributed to the problem, which ended with delays and cancellations at some of America’s busies airports, like Dallas and Chicago.

The Washington Times notes that Iowa State Patrol Colonel David Garrison stated of the massive accident, “It’s time to listen to warnings and get off the road.” The snows was wet and heavy. Many streets in Des Moines were left unplowed, making it nearly impossible to leave the house without the aid of a four-wheel-drive car.

The storm caused other road closures, aside from Interstate 60 where the massive accident occurred. A portion of Interstate 29 was closed in Northern Missouri, while part of Nebraska’s Interstate 80 also saw closures. American Airlines was forced to cancel 120 flights going out of Dallas-Fort Worth airport because of thunderstorms. A spokeswoman for the airline, Andrea Huguely, stated:

“We are trying to delay as much as we can, instead of canceling, because we know that we have many customers who are trying to make their holiday travel plans.”

Before the storm that caused the deadly accident, many cities in the Midwest broke record to the number of consecutive days they had seen without measurable snow.