Boondock Saints 2 out Friday, watch the first 5 minutes

Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day finally got its release date, and will be in limited theaters on Friday. (October 30th.)

We posted the trailer back at the beginning of September, but Film Drunk posted the first five minutes, and it looks so much delightfully worse than the first one. It’s almost sad in a way- I’m one of the people who views the internet as a great equalizer and who rejects the idea that only established establishment people can create things of worth, but it’s still hard for me to look at these two movies and not think that perhaps things like making films should be left to people like filmmakers. And I hate thinking that.

Troy Duffy still makes movies like the ones my nine year old puts on in the backyard, or so it would appear. The film starts with the McManus boys hiding out in what looks like 1860’s Ireland, a place with no indoor plumbing or electricity and clearly no SuperMac nearby either. Wearing Aran sweaters and being all unshaven with their dad Il Duce (played by Billy Connolly), an old priest friend from Boston comes to tell them (because they’re the only people in Ireland without mobile phones) that someone has murdered their favorite priest and framed the brothers for it.

So Connor and Murphy go outside and shave their craggy beards and take some ass-flashing showers, and dig up their buried treasure chest of money, guns and rosary beads. (Yay for another shower scene!) And then there’s some dialogue that sums up the Boondock Saints movies in like, two lines:

Priest, looking at Connor and Murphy all gunned up and tattooed: Exactly what do you intend to do?

Connor: Every last motherf***er that had anything to do with it.

All that said, I cannot wait to see this cinematic abortion of a film. Watch the first five minutes of Boondock Saints: All Saints Day below: