Sarah Huckabee Sanders Accidentally Calls President Trump By President Obama’s Name, Laughs [Video]

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got her presidents mixed up while discussing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) law that was rescinded on Tuesday, September 5. Sanders referred to President Donald Trump as President Obama. When Sanders accidentally called President Trump by President Obama’s name, it was evident because Sarah was paying a compliment. The press immediately notified Sanders of her error in the White House press briefing, and Sarah laughed as she corrected herself from saying President Obama when Sanders actually meant President Trump. Sarah then laughed at her own faux pas.

As seen in the following Twitter replies, folks are calling Sanders’ misspeaking President Trump’s name as President Obama as a Freudian slip. Others on social media note that it has got to be painful for President Trump, who notably places the Trump name on his properties in a very visible manner, to be called by President Obama’s name. As a result, at least one Twitter user quipped that Sanders would likely be the next person to be fired from the White House. As seen in the following video, Sanders was captured on video when her “slip of the tongue” went viral after the President’s press secretary called Trump by Obama’s name.

A search for “Huckabee Trump Obama” on Twitter shows the reaction folks are having to Sanders’ mistake. Loads of comments about Sarah’s error are likening it to a Freudian slip, and with Sarah inadvertently praising President Obama instead of President Trump, people are speculating about what the mistake really means. Some Twitter users are joking that by Huckabee calling President Trump by President Obama’s name, it is akin to calling one man by another man’s name in bed; something that could cause horrific reactions.

Others are joking that Sarah’s mistake of saying President Obama instead of President Trump means that Huckabee really subconsciously wants President Obama back in office instead of Trump.


Reactions like the following appeared on Twitter after Sanders called President Trump by President Obama’s name.

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