Pennsylvania Police ‘Completely Terrified’ As Red Balloons Found Tied To Sewer Grates Before Release Of ‘It’

At the end of this week, the remake of Stephen King’s It will be released in theaters, but there are many people who are already bringing the fear to numerous cities. Promotions are being used by different locations but in other places, the citizens are taking it into their own hands to frighten anyone and everyone. A small borough in Pennsylvania has a police force that is “completely terrified” as red balloons are being found tied to sewer grates.

Anyone who knows the story of It understands the significance of red balloons and the terror that usually follows them. For others who aren’t aware, the balloons signify that Pennywise the clown is near and your worst fears are about to be experienced.

On Tuesday morning, CBS Pittsburgh reported that the Lititz Borough Police Department is having to deal with more than just crimes. Lately, there have been a lot of strange things happening and they all stem from Stephen King’s terrifying novel.

The police force took to their official Facebook page on Tuesday to let the “local prankster” know that they aren’t taking his actions lightly. They awarded points for “creativity,” but they’re also giving the credit that the sewer grates adorned with red balloons worked in scaring the life out of them.

Of course, this is all just a prank by a local citizen, but it is quite a good one and provided some fun from the police department. Still, Stephen King’s It hitting theaters is paving the way for many people around the world to try and scare their friends and strangers.

The Huffington Post reported that someone has decided to leave their own fair share of red balloons around Sydney as well. Not only are they leaving the balloons for others to find, but they’re leaving small messages to help build up the fear.

If you see something like this in your town, it may be a reason to smile as it is a cute way of promoting and building up the new film. On the other hand, you may not want to take any steps closer to the drain or sewer grate than is needed.

The remake of Stephen King’s It has been met with rather stellar reviews so far, and the critics are saying that the movie will frighten virtually everyone. Many have long-awaited the terrifying novel getting the true theater treatment it deserves, but the fear is already quite real. In the Lititz Borough in Pennsylvania, the police department knows what it is like to be “completely terrified” and all they’ve seen as of now are some red balloons tied to sewer grates.

[Featured Image by Warner Bros.]