8-year-old Caught On Video Stealing Packages In Florida

An 8-year-old girl was caught on video stealing packages in Florida this week.

The little Grinch was filmed by her neighbors as she took packages from their doorsteps. The girl’s name has not been released and the local news station blurred out her face because she’s a minor. According to the NY Daily News, the little girl will not been charged with any crime.

But that doesn’t mean that the neighbors don’t want some sort of an apology.

Jessica Araujo, one of the 8-year-old’s victims, said that she doesn’t want the little girl to get into any trouble with police but she would like the parents to take some accountability.

Araujo said:

“We want something done, in the form of the parents stepping up to the plate, taking accountability and saying, ‘We’re sorry this happened to you and the other neighbors,’ maybe even having the child come over and apologize.”

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the 8-year-old girl stole packeges from at least three different homes. After the first couple of thefts the neighbors decided to set up a hidden camera to catch the thief. In total, the little girl stole thousands of dollars in holiday gifts.

Do you think the little girl will end up on the naughty list this year?