‘GH’ Spoilers: Sam, Jason Start New Life Without CarSon — Will ‘Stone Cold’ Return As Sonny’s Right-Hand Man?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers state that the friendship between JaSam (Jason and Sam) and CarSon (Carly and Sonny) will be affected when Jason (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) decide to pursue a new life. Sam and Jason will decide to pursue a new life after Jason recovers from the nearly fatal gunshot wound he suffered during violence sparked by Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) decision to quit the mob.

Sam And Jason Start A New Life — Without Sonny And Carly?

After Jason suffers a nearly fatal gunshot injury during mob violence involving Sonny, who is trying to quit the mob, Sam becomes convinced that Sonny’s mob connections is a threat to her family life and that the only way to secure her family is to start a new life without Sonny and Carly as close friends.

Sam’s longstanding fears that Sonny’s mob links expose her family to peril surfaced without restraint when she suffered psychosis induced by toxoplasmosis. Her delusional conviction that Sonny poses a mortal threat to her family caused her to shoot Sonny and dump his body in a pit.

Will “Stone Cold” Return To His Role As Sonny’s Right-Hand Man?

Jason and Sam’s decision could have implications for the role of Burton’s character when he arrives in Port Charles.

Will Burton’s Stone Cold character eventually return to his old role as Sonny’s right-hand man after Miller’s Jason withdraws?

If Stone Cold returns to his role as Sonny’s right-hand man, then fans can expect that he will help Sonny to successfully implement his plan to quit mob life after the failure of his first effort which led to Miller’s Jason receiving a nearly fatal gunshot wound.

When a fan asked Maurice Benard during a recent Twitter conversation whether Sonny and the old Jason would team up once again, Benard said he hoped they would. Benard’s statement suggests that fans can expect that Sonny and the old Jason will team up again.

Did Maurice Benard Say That Burton’s Character Is The “Real Jason”?

Maurice Benard, who plays the mobster Sonny Corinthos on the ABC daytime drama, confirmed during a recent Twitter chat that Burton will reprise his role as Jason “Stone Cold” Morgan. Benard made the revelation during a recent conversation after a fan asked him if he preferred to see Burton as Jason Morgan again.

Benard answered, saying, “Steve is Jason.”

Although some fans interpreted Benard’s statement as a confirmation that Burton’s character is the “real Jason,” others argued that the extent to which his comment addressed the question, if at all, is debatable.

Bernard gave a conclusive response to the question whether Burton is returning to the daytime drama to reprise his role as the “Stone Cold” version of Jason Morgan. However, this is hardly news anymore. That Burton is set to reprise is old Jason Morgan role has been an open secret for weeks. What GH theorists continue to debate is whether Stone Cold is the “real Jason,” as many fans assume.

Although Benard confirmed that Burton is set to reprise his role as the Old Jason Morgan, he does not appear to have addressed the more intriguing question about which of the two Jasons — Miller’s or Burton’s — is the “real Jason.”

[Note: GH theorists have explored different scenarios in which either of the two Jasons turns out to be the “real Jason.”]

Benard could have ended the “real Jason” debate by stating that “Steve is the real Jason.” But he avoided addressing the question by merely saying that “Steve is Jason.”

Of course, fans already know that Burton is returning to Port Charles as Jason “Stone Cold” Morgan. But is Jason “Stone Cold” Morgan the “real” or “fake” Jason?

When another fan asked Benard how he would succinctly characterize his role in the “two Jasons” storyline, Benard answered that he thought his role is “very interesting,” but declined to give further details.

The fact that Benard refused to give more details after saying “very interesting,” makes it unlikely that his comment, “Steve is Jason,” was meant to reveal which of the “two Jasons” will turn out to be the “real Jason.”

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