Putin: Trump Is ‘Not My Bride, And I’m Not His Groom,’ Putin Casting Himself As Trump’s Husband Sparks Memes

Putin: Trump Is 'Not My Bride, And I'm Not His Groom' - Strange Comment Sparks Memes

Russian President Vladimir Putin has used an interesting analogy to describe his relationship with President Donald Trump, and the bride-groom language has sparked a big reaction on social media. According to the Associated Press, Putin was asked if he felt Trump was naive and if Trump’s naivety was a disappointment to Putin. That’s when Putin made a statement claiming that Trump wasn’t his wife and that Putin wasn’t Trump’s husband.

Putin said Trump is “not my bride, and I’m not his groom. We are statesmen.”

One telling notion noticed by readers of Putin’s comment about Trump is that Putin cast himself as the husband in the possible scenario of a marriage between Trump and Putin. With Putin saying that Trump was not his bride, folks online are reacting to the fact that Putin imagined Trump as the proverbial “weaker vessel” in biblical terms by calling Trump someone who wasn’t his bride. With Putin casting himself as the imagined non-groom in the scenario, Putin envisioned himself in the potential male role of strength. Putin went on to dismiss talking about Trump potentially being impeached, with Putin claiming it “absolutely wrong” for him to talk about U.S. politics. However, Putin’s bride-groom language has already amped up the Putin-Trump memes on social media.


One popular Photoshop-edited image shows Trump from his inauguration, with the face First Lady Melania Trump replaced with Putin’s face as Putin dons Melania’s famous blue suit. Jokes about Trump not being Putin’s bride are filling Twitter, with one user quipping that Trump might not be Putin’s bride but that they kissed once are joining new memes about Putin’s comments. Others are joking that Trump might not be Putin’s bride, but they are calling Trump another “b” word that’s five letters long in relation to his relationship with Putin.

As seen in the top photo above from 2016, a journalist held aloft a poster of Putin, far-right Marine Le Pen, and Trump. With Putin’s most recent words about Trump not being his bride, a whole new slew of photos and memes are emerging on social media with descriptions of the bride-groom scenario as it relates to Putin and Trump.


[Featured Image by Pavel Golovkin/AP Images]