Donald Trump 'Pee Tape' Exists, Multiple Witnesses Back Shocking Story In Dossier, Bombshell Report Claims

The so-called "pee tape," an alleged video recording of Donald Trump in a highly compromising situation with prostitutes in a Russian hotel room, may actually exist and multiple witnesses say so — according to a bombshell report by award-winning BBC correspondent Paul Wood in an article published in August, but just receiving widespread notice today.

The allegations of the tape originated with the "Steele Dossier," a file compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele detailing alleged connections between Trump and the Russian government. The dossier was published in full by the online site BuzzFeed in January.

Read the full Steele Dossier, containing not only the "pee tape" story but numerous other allegations regarding Trump's Russian business connections by accessing this link.

Basically, the dossier alleges that in 2013 — when Trump was in Moscow to oversee the Miss Universe beauty pageant which he owned at the time — Trump rented the Presidential Suite at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow, a room that had previously been occupied by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Trump, according to the dossier, hired Russian prostitutes to urinate as he watched on the bed where the Obamas once slept, in order to "defile" the site of the Obamas' visit.

The sleazy scene was secretly filmed by Russian intelligence agents who kept the suite under constant surveillance, and the video is now being held as possible blackmail material — known in Russian as kompromat — to use against Trump, the Steele dossier alleges.

Donald Trump 'Pee Tape' Exists, Multiple Witnesses Back Shocking Story In Dossier, Bombshell Report Claims
Donald Trump at the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow (with 2012 winner Olivia Culpo), site of the alleged 'pee tape' recording. [Image by Victor Boyko/Getty Images]

Wood was among the first reporters to independently follow up on the allegations contained in the Steele Dossier, and as far back as January of this year, reported that multiple sources had informed him that the Russians owned sexually-compromising kompromat on Trump, including the Ritz-Carlton incident on video.

But in a new report authored by Wood and published on August 19 by Britain's Spectator magazine, Wood says that "an American" whom he does not name witnessed an argument, or in the British parlance a "row," taking place in the hotel lobby over whether the prostitutes would be allowed up to Trump's suite. The allegations that Trump hired the prostitutes had been common knowledge in diplomatic circles for months, Wood wrote.

The original Spectator article is behind a paywall, but may be accessed by subscribers at this link. A summary can be read at this link.

The "pee tape" allegations "remain unproven," Wood noted, adding, "nevertheless, Steele is not the only source."

"I heard of Russian kompromat — compromising material — on Trump from two sources months before the Steele dossier came to light," Wood wrote in the Spectator. "There are, though, reports of witnesses in the hotel who corroborate Steele's reporting. These include an American who's said to have seen a row with the hotel security over whether the hookers would be allowed up to Trump's suite. The dossier's account of hookers in a Moscow hotel room was the subject of gossip among politicians and intelligence people for months before it was published."

Donald Trump 'Pee Tape' Exists, Multiple Witnesses Back Shocking Story In Dossier, Bombshell Report Claims
Russian President Vladimir Putin, who may be in possession of sexually compromising blackmail material on Donald Trump, according to new reports. [Image by Matt Cardy/Getty Image])

In addition, Wood adds that the Russians — who could include Russian President Vladimir Putin himself — may be in possession of other blackmail material on Trump, including separate sexually compromising tapes that depict Trump exhibiting even more "extreme" deviant behavior.

"Expect these allegations to emerge in due course," Wood concluded.

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