Prince Charles May Soon Take Over The Throne: Queen’s Plans For The British Royal Family Revealed

It looks like something big is about to happen to the British monarchy soon, as Queen Elizabeth has reportedly begun making plans about the ascension of the throne. Despite the public’s negative comments on the possibility that Prince Charles will be the rightful heir to the throne, a new report shows that the 68-year-old Prince of Wales will soon have his chance at becoming the next King.

Queen Elizabeth has reportedly started planning for the future of the British royal family in the event that she is still on the throne at the age of 95. Per Express, the Queen has been allegedly planning to enforce the Regency Act at the age of 95, which will see her remain as the Queen but with fewer duties and responsibilities.

All of these duties and responsibilities will then be passed on to Prince Charles, who will be named as the Prince Regent and King. This means that the Queen does not have to renounce the throne, as the publication’s insider, a royal butler, claimed that Queen Elizabeth has no plans of leaving her post.

A spokesperson from Buckingham Palace refused to comment on the rumors. The succession of the throne has been a hot topic lately following the release of Princess Diana’s secret tapes, which shed some light on her life, her relationship with Prince Charles, and much more.

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One topic that still angers a lot of Princess Diana’s supporters is Prince Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles. As Life & Style reports, the Princess of Wales was very much aware of Prince Charles and Camilla’s relationship.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
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Princess Diana recounted during the documentary, entitled Diana: In Her Own Words, that Camilla tried to play coy and denied knowing what she was talking about. However, Princess Diana told her straight out that she knows about their affair.

“I know what’s going on between you and Charles… Don’t treat me like an idiot.”

The release of the secret interviews with Princess Diana has stirred a lot of controversies for the British royal family, especially Prince Charles and Camilla. Many people began questioning whether Prince Charles still had the right to take over the throne from Queen Elizabeth after seemingly tainting the reputation of the British monarchy.

There was also a surge in the number of Brits wishing to see Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s son, Prince William, take over the throne instead. Others, however, believe that the process and the rules should be followed, and thus, Prince Charles should be the King of England after Queen Elizabeth.

Who do you think is the rightful heir to the throne?

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