‘BB19’ Fans Question Injured Houseguest Being Medically Cleared For HOH Competition With Broken Foot

Big Brother 19 fans tuned into the Sunday night show to catch up on the Head of Household competition that was rained out on last Thursday’s live show. While live feed viewers already knew that Christmas had been thrown the job again this week, it wasn’t clear exactly which game was played.

Christmas remains in the BB19 game with a broken foot, despite many doctor visits and a hospital stay. Knowing she will feel the effects of the injury for life, she still decided to remain in the game even though it could lead to worsening the injury. Each competition required a medical clearance for Christmas or she would have to sit it out. She has been very limited in what she was allowed to do — until this HOH competition. Suddenly, tonight, she was allowed to lay her crutches down and line up for a foot race against the other BB19 houseguests.

Fans on a Facebook group, Big Brother – Spoiler Group were discussing this on a post where a fan called foul. She feels that BB19 production is interfering in the game by doing things like they did for the competition. To allow someone in a cast to be cleared for a foot race is ridiculous. Team Paul needed either Josh or Christmas to win the Head of Household. Of the two, Josh was a wild card, however. He is beginning to see rays of light at the end of Paul’s tunnel of lies. Christmas is still completely enthralled with Paul and will do exactly what he wants.

All of this leads to the obvious question: Does this prove that production is rigging the game? Many of the social media users are answering with a resounding yes. Paul seems to be running the show, and even production is doing their part in making his plans happen.



The ratings for BB19 are doing great, but the fan input seems to be largely negative across social media. To some that may sound normal — after all, this is Big Brother. Each season there are claims of that run being the worst season ever, this cast member is the worst ever, or production is interfering with the game.

With an already skeptical audience, do you think CBS and BB19 should have allowed Christmas to participate in a foot race with a cast on? Do you feel that production is crossing the line of reality vs. scripted TV? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]