‘Destiny 2’ Microtransactions Confirmed By Gamestop Flyer, Silver Will Be Available Over The Counter

A Gamestop flyer featuring a preorder for Destiny 2 has confirmed one detail that has been oddly lacking about Destiny‘s sequel: namely, that it will feature the premium Silver currency from the original.

That might not come as much of a surprise, but it’s certainly interesting that Destiny 2‘s microtransactions have remained so under the radar, with the game only days from release.

What is interesting is that the same flyer also revealed the U.S. Dollar conversion rates for Destiny 2 Silver. Again, those prices are no particular surprise; according to Dot Esports, the two price-points that have been revealed thus far are 1100 Silver for $9.99, or 2300 Silver for $19.99. What is interesting to note is the reason that a Gamestop flyer revealed these details: Silver purchases in Destiny 2 will apparently be available as over-the-counter cards, rather than exclusively through the console stores.

That’s not going to make a big difference to most people; after all, gift cards for the online stores have always been available. But it may open some doors for players whose accounts are locked from making online purchases, or who wish to gift Destiny 2 Silver directly (or internationally) – it might even offer some interesting options for Destiny 2 clans.

More options are always good.

In the meantime, information on Destiny 2‘s microtransactions remains very thin on the ground: so thin, in fact, that this flyer essentially confirms their previously-uncertain return in Destiny 2. So nobody really knows what to expect, but common wisdom has it that Destiny 2‘s microtransactions will continue the trend set in the original Destiny: namely, that microtransactions will be cosmetic and have no effect on gameplay.

Rumor also has it, according to Comic Book, that there will be an “Eververse-specific currency” coming to the game, obtainable by “dismantling items acquired via Bright Engrams.” According to other leaks, Bright Engrams are not dropped randomly, but are rewarded for completing certain activities; leaked gameplay video clearly shows the player receiving a “Bright Engram Earned” pop-up during a patrol activity called “Glimmer Extraction.”

All that we can do for now is hypothesize, but expect Destiny 2‘s microtransactions to be more of the usual: unique emotes, dances, ornaments, and unique weapon and armor skins. Hopefully, Bungie learned their lesson from the previous player response, and won’t be including loot boxes – at least, not right out of the gate – but given the game industry’s current leaning toward putting everything in loot boxes of some sort (which has proven to be a multi-billion-dollar model for Blizzard with Overwatch,) it certainly can’t be discounted. What remains to be seen, if loot boxes do make it in, is how much of Destiny 2‘s premium content will only be available through loot boxes.

The flyer leak also revealed some Gamestop exclusives for 'Destiny 2'.
The flyer leak also revealed some Gamestop exclusives for 'Destiny 2'. [Image by Bungie/Activision]

This isn’t the first Destiny 2 leak that Gamestop has been responsible for; according to PC Gamer, two days ago, photos of a Gamestop game guide for Destiny 2 leaked online revealing a ludicrous volume of previously hidden information about the game, including subclasses, abilities, weapons, armor, hub zones, strikes, and much more.

[Featured Image by Bungie/Activision]