The Church Of Satan Does Not Want To Be Associated With Taylor Swift

The Church of Satan is getting sassy on social media. The organization recently joined Twitter and is getting comfortable on the social media site. Their tweets are making people laugh like hell. Literally. Whoever they hired for their social media team is quite savvy. Though the Church of Satan is not a physical church, its members have run one of the funniest social media accounts of 2017, according to The Ringer.

The church has no physical church, no regular services, no core beliefs, and no annual convention. According to the Church of Satan’s website, it’s more of a philosophy than a religion. The Church claims they don’t even believe in Satan. But there are some followers that are into worshipping Satan and performing rituals. Now, the Church has become popular thanks to its Twitter account. Most of its tweets are centered around correcting misinformation about the church or the religion. The Church sure has a funny way of handling things.

These people may comment on the Trump administration, but they don’t care about politics. They don’t want to use the Church of Satan Twitter account to argue with their followers about politics either. They just want to have fun and it shows. Most of their tweets have been retweeted and liked by the thousands. The Church of Satan explained to about how they run their social media account.

“…our Twitter account is run by several high-ranking members of our organization, it’s not an outsourced gig. Our interests, tastes, and perspectives run the gamut and reflect the individualism of our membership,” the Church of Satan explained.

taylor swift's edgy side
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It’s hard to believe that the Church of Satan has a soft side, but it does. The account often tweets photos of adorable cats and dogs.

The Church also doesn’t want anything to do with Taylor Swift. According to online conspiracy theorists, the singer is a clone of Zeena LaVey, the former priestess of the Church of Satan. This bizarre rumor flew around the height of Swift’s 1989 era. Some social media users picked up on the pop star’s resemblance to the former Satanist.

Now that Taylor is embracing her edgier side, it’s a good time to bring up this internet meme. Both blonde ladies are known for their dark red lipstick, their love for snakes, and being close to their fathers. LaVey has left the Church of Satan a long time ago. She apparently left on a bad note because word is they do not want her back.

The Church of Satan is not a fan of both Zeena LaVey and Taylor Swift. Here’s how they responded to the news of Swift’s new song “Are You Ready For It.”

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