Joshua Hupperterz: Photos Of Jenna Burleigh’s Alleged Killer On His Facebook Page Show Josh’s Shirtless Selfie

Josh Hupperterz’s photos are making the rounds online after the 29-year-old Joshua was accused of killing 22-year-old Jenna Burleigh. Jenna was a student at Temple University, and Hupperterz was a former Temple University student. Jenna had only recently begun her media and film classes Temple, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The above photo of Joshua given by the Philadelphia Police Department shows Joshua Hupperterz of Philadelphia, after Josh was taken into custody. It was on Thursday, August 31, when Jenna was believed to have gone missing — at approximately 2 a.m. — and Burleigh’s father reported her as missing. Previously, Jenna told her father that she was going out to dinner with friends and planned to stay overnight with a friend.

According to Heavy, Burleigh disappeared from nearby Temple’s campus, and suspicions fell on Hupperterz, who was the last person reportedly seen in Burleigh’s presence when Jenna left a bar with Josh. Jenna’s body was discovered at the residence of the grandmother of Hupperterz, and a neighbor reported hearing screams coming from Joshua’s apartment during a violent incident that left it bloody. It is believed that Jenna was killed in one location and her dead body transported to another location. Hupperterz was caught on Friday, in Hawley, Pennsylvania. Photos of Hupperterz from his Facebook page can be seen via the publication, including a shirtless selfie that Josh took in the mirror.

Jenna was dropped off at a residence by her father, but after he didn’t hear from Burleigh for an unusually long period of time, and learned she hadn’t attended her Temple University classes, he alerted authorities. Hupperterz, meanwhile, claimed that he was too drunk to know what happened – but security video led Temple Police directly to Hupperterz’s involvement in the alleged murder. Hupperterz has admitted to some parts of the crime via a partial confession. The cause of death has not yet been released to the public.

Josh had large amounts of drugs, about $20,000 cash and blood in his North Philadelphia home, according to authorities. Hupperterz had scratches on his face. Joshua also has a criminal history, including drug and theft charges. Meanwhile, on social media, Jenna is receiving plenty of kind words from people who knew Burleigh.

[Featured Image by Philadelphia Police Department/AP Images]