Woman Runs Into Pet Dog Her Parents Gave Away 11 Years Ago, Facebook ‘Dogspotting’ Group Post Goes Viral

A post on Facebook’s Dogspotting group has gone viral all over the internet after a woman posted a touching story about randomly running into her beloved childhood pet dog that her parents had given away 11 years ago. As the story goes, Kate Griffin was just a young girl in elementary school when her family adopted a little cockapoo puppy named Cami. Kate and her sister enjoyed bonding over the next five years with their new playmate Cami, but this happiness was to be short-lived after their parents began divorce proceedings.

Joint custody took its toll on Kate Griffin’s family, which also included their dog Cami. Griffin explained that because her pet dog couldn’t stay at her dad’s house, her mother had to look after Cami when she and her sister were away, something her mother said was causing the dog great stress, according to the Dodo.

“She wasn’t allowed at my dad’s house, so my mom had to take care of her when my sister and I were at my dad’s house. After some time, my mom said that it was too stressful for Cami to see us one week and then not the next and because of it she was acting out. So she made the decision to give her to our sitter to take care of.”

The babysitter was able to successfully rehome Cami with a new family, but after Kate Griffin’s mother gave their dog to the babysitter it was the last time that they would ever see their pet again. Or so they thought.

Fast forward one decade, and Kate is now 24-years-old. She may have abandoned all hope of ever seeing Cami again, but fate had very different plans in store for her. One day recently after picking up a coffee at Starbucks, Kate Griffin noticed two dogs playing with each other directly across the street, as MSN report.

One of these dogs looked so much like her old pet dog Cami that Griffin was overwhelmed with curiosity and sauntered across the road to start up a conversation with the owner of the dogs. Despite how anxious and excited she felt inside, she said that she tried her very hardest to “act casual.”

“I was walking back from picking up my Starbucks and I saw these two dogs across the street. One was a bigger black shaggy dog looked like a German shepherd mix and then there was the smaller caramel-colored one. I instantly started looking at her. I debated back in forth in my head if I should cross the street. I just decided, hell, I’m doing it.”

After inquiring about the names of the dogs, imagine Kate Griffin’s surprise when the woman walking the dogs announced that the larger one was called Riley, but the smaller one went by the name of Cami. Kate was stunned. “I froze. I just said, ‘Oh my god, I think that’s my dog. I think this is my dog.'”

Kate Griffin is happily reunited with her pet dog Cami after her parents gave away her dog 11 years ago.
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The woman with the two dogs smiled and explained that Cami was now 15-years-old and had been given away by another family.

“She’s 15, she’s a sweetheart, a family got them from another family who had to give her away.”

Kate Griffin explained that it was her family who had given Cami away. Still stunned, she immediately embraced her old pet dog. “She looked right at me and I almost lost it. I had to keep myself together and just tried to stay in the moment to be happy about seeing her and not sad about how long it had been.”

The dogwalker took a picture of Kate hugging Cami, and Griffin was allowed to walk her all the way home to where she lived with her new family. Before saying goodbye, she gave her dog one more big hug and kiss, grateful that Cami had such a happy life now.

“It was really amazing hearing that she hadn’t changed a bit, really. I was so grateful to this woman for letting me reunite with my pup.”

After being reunited with her pet dog Cami, Kate Griffin took her remarkable story to the Dogspotting group of Facebook, and people have been immensely touched by Griffin’s moving depiction of a childhood pet once lost and now found.

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