Bill O’Reilly Calls For Boycott Of Mexico If Jon Hammar Isn’t Released Soon

Commentary | Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly is prepared to call for a boycott of Mexico if combat Marine Jon Hammar is not released soon. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hammar has been in a Mexican jail cell since September. The bogus gun charges the heroic Marine faces could keep him behind bars for up to 12 years.

Bill O’Reilly is an extremely intelligent and reasonable man who is not prone to calling for boycotts or any type of group protest against an individual, company, or foreign nation. He is as angry as most Americans about the false imprisonment of Jon Hammar and has a microphone and a massive viewing audience at his disposal.

The O’Reilly Factor just ended its 50th consecutive quarter as the top cable news program, according to TV Week ratings statistics. All of the top 10 cable news programs in the third quarter were on Fox News.

During an interview on Bill Hemmer’s Thursday broadcast, O’Reilly called on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama to do far more the free Jon Hammar. The veteran newscaster noted that private behind the scenes negotiations could be ongoing between the Obama administration and the White House to help the imprisoned Marine. But, the O’Reilly Factor host also aptly noted that during a press conference earlier this week, Jay Carney stated he was not familiar with the lot of the combat Marine and therefore could not answer questions on the topic.

Jon Hammar’s parents are understandably worried about their son and want him home for Christmas. The United States sends millions of dollars in aid to Mexico, yet we apparently cannot get enough cooperation to secure the release of a Marine who attempted to follow the proper policy to take an antique firearm with him across the border.

Hammar hurt no one and was not even inside Mexico when he offered his weapon and paperwork for inspection. Bill O’Reilly is known to be a man of his word and it is doubtful that he will back down from his promise to call on all Americans to boycott any activity which would financially benefit the country holding Jon Hammar.

It is our patriotic duty to call and email our Senators to apply as much pressure as possible to help the combat veteran who struggled with PTSD and merely wanted to enjoy a peaceful trip down south as he eased back into civilian life.