‘The Bachelor’ 2018: Reality Steve Explains What Fleiss Means By Cryptic Tweets

There has been a lot of confusion about what is going on with the announcement of The Bachelor 2018. It all started when Good Morning America tweeted they would announce The Bachelor and then they didn’t announce it and deleted the tweet. The Inquisitr shared about how this happened and then Mike Fleiss acted like nothing was going on and never really addressed why the announcement wasn’t made.

After this, Mike Fleiss went to Twitter and started teasing that The Bachelor would be someone that you don’t expect. He didn’t say who it would be, but this made fans wonder if that meant that Peter Kraus was out. Reality Steve already shared that Peter is getting the job, but ABC still hasn’t made an announcement.

The fans have been curious as to why Reality Steve didn’t have anything to say. Now, he is speaking out and says that nothing has changed at all. Steve went to his Twitter today to give fans an update. His first tweet was about how he doesn’t care at all about what Mike Fleiss shares on Twitter and then he went on to say that all that he cares about today is that Taylor Swift has a new album coming out.

After that, Reality Steve went on to share that Mike Fleiss is getting the reaction that he wants by everyone going crazy over trying to figure out who was cast. Steve is sure that nothing has changed at all, which means that he is still saying Peter Kraus will be the guy handing out roses next season. This really does surprise a lot of fans considering that Peter acted like he wasn’t ready to propose. There has been some speculation from fans that it could be Wells Adams, Chris Harrison or someone else, but if Steve is right, expect to hear that Peter Kraus is The Bachelor.


Are you surprised to hear that Reality Steve says that the casting for The Bachelor 2018 isn’t changing? Do you feel like Peter Kraus will be the one who gets the job? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss the new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Mondays on ABC.


[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]