Jinger Duggar Pushes Relief Efforts For Hurricane Victims Amidst Duggar Family’s Silence On Disaster

The Duggars faced some degree of criticism over the past week, with many of the family’s social media followers taking issue with the reality TV stars’ silence about the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. Over the past few days, practically every member of the Duggar family opted to remain silent about the disaster that struck Texas, with only the Duggars’ official Facebook account posting a brief message of support for Harvey’s victims.

That is, of course, until Jinger Duggar Vuolo decided to get directly involved in relief efforts. Ever the headstrong, outspoken Duggar daughter, Jinger decided to promote a donation drive to aid those who were affected by the disaster. Posting on her official Instagram page, Jinger promoted the initiatives of Thirsty Ground International, which is actively involved in rescue efforts on Texas’ most affected areas.

To emphasize her point, Jinger assured her social media followers that any donations given to the relief organization would be given directly to those who were affected by the natural disaster. Jinger also revealed that members of Grace Community Church, which is led by her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, would be joining TGI’s relief operations in Katy, TX.

“For those interested in financially supporting Hurricane Harvey relief efforts: every $ donated to Thirsty Ground International goes directly & immediately to relief efforts; no overhead, no red tape. || Members of Grace Comm. Church Laredo join the TGI team in Katy, TX.”

With her latest social media gesture, Jinger has all but proven that she is truly a caring person who can both talk the talk and walk the walk. If any, among her family members and in-laws, it seems like Jinger is currently the only one who has signed up to get her hands dirty in the service of her fellow men.

Jinger’s latest Instagram post has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from her social media followers. Many have lauded the reality TV star for actively doing something about the aftermath of the natural disaster, and for putting in the initiative to raise funds for the victims of Harvey.

“Thank you, Jinger! I wondered how I could help with these efforts and know that my contribution goes to the right place!” wrote one commenter.

“Thank you, Jinger! I live in Katy, and the devastation to the area and all around us is great. Everyone around us appreciated everyone’s help!” wrote another.

The Duggars’ predominant silence about the tragedy in Texas was met with some raised eyebrows among the family’s social media followers. After all, the Duggars’ reaction to the tragedy contrasted greatly with the response of the Bates, another conservative Christian reality TV family. The Batles allowed Nathan and Lawson Bates to participate in rescue efforts in Texas, with Lawson sharing the harrowing experience to his social media followers. Considering that John David Duggar is a licensed pilot and the Duggar family owns three private planes, their resources could have been used very well to help Hurricane Harvey’s victims in the Lone Star state.

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So far, none of the married Duggar daughters nor their husbands have issued any official statement of support for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Jessa has simply continued posting videos and photos of her children, Jill has mostly focused on Joy-Anna’s pregnancy, and Derick has just focused his updates on his training at Cross Church College. Jim Bob and Michelle are pretty much maintaining the status quo in the family’s official Facebook account as well.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her family star in Counting On, which is scheduled to return for its latest season this September.

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