Amber Portwood To Be Maid Of Honor In Farrah Abraham’s Mother’s Wedding

If Teen Mom fans wanted a reconciliation between Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham, this will definitely not solve that issue. It appears that not only is Amber Portwood going to be standing up in Farrah Abraham’s mother’s wedding, but she will be the maid of honor. Check out the Teen Mom drama below.

As fans know, Farrah Abraham and her mother, Debra Danielsen, are not on speaking terms right now. Because of that, Farrah will not be taking part in her mother’s wedding, which is set to happen in November. According to Hollywood Life, Danielsen has asked a certain someone to be her maid of honor on her big day. That special someone would be none other than Farrah’s frenemy, Amber Portwood.

While this appears to be a huge attempt to irritate her daughter, it looks like there is more to it than just that. Apparently Debra wants her wedding to be a big, huge wedding and they have no budget to afford that. So, how does one make sure a big wedding will happen? Ask Amber Portwood to be your maid of honor and that guarantees MTV will be recording the wedding for Teen Mom OG and your wedding will be paid for.

That is exactly what happened, as a source close to Teen Mom fans confirmed that news with Hollywood Life.

“Debra asked Amber to be her maid of honor at her wedding to spite Farrah, who said that she didn’t want to come. Debra only asked Amber to come because Teen Mom and MTV will be filming Amber. This is Debra’s free meal ticket to a paid wedding that neither she, nor her man can afford. Their budget is so small that they plan to have the wedding at Debra’s house in Nebraska. Debra is very sneaky and Amber is mischievous enough to be in the wedding of her frenemy’s mother.”

While this could be a lot of Teen Mom rumors, it appears that a rep for Farrah Abraham has confirmed with Hollywood Life that Amber will be standing up in her mother’s wedding. Now that is some serious shade right there.

While there is major shade happening, this could also be the perfect opportunity for Farrah to not only bury the hatchet with Amber, but also with her mother. Farrah could attend the wedding and it would be love from everyone, as the cameras are rolling, of course.

It appears that is something that Amber Portwood may want, as she recently said that she still loves Farrah to death and she is ready to let everything go. Being the maid of honor in her estranged mother’s wedding might not be the best way to make that happen, but time will tell.

Why do you think Amber Portwood agreed to stand up in Farrah Abraham’s mother’s wedding?

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