Michael Jackson’s Son, Bigi Jackson, Predicted To Be A Musician By Uncle Tito Jackson

Fans of Michael Jackson know his eldest son, Prince Michael Jackson, is in business school and MJ’s daughter, Paris Jackson, is a model and actress, but Bigi Jackson has been laying low in the spotlight due to his age.

However, the tables are turning, and Michael Jackson’s brother, Tito Jackson, recently told The Sun that the media will start seeing more of Bigi Jackson when he starts playing his own music.

Although Tito Jackson’s comments about his nephew were brief, Michael Jackson’s fans are excited to get to know Bigi Jackson.

As Michael Jackson’s youngest child, Bigi Jackson was first known to his father’s fans as Blanket. In early 2017, Bigi made an important decision to use a name besides Blanket, according to People.

While Tito Jackson has been hinting at Bigi Jackson being a future musician, recent photos of him around his father’s birthday reveal he is still having fun being a kid. In late May, it was reported that Bigi Jackson’s changed his name, but they also said he is currently focused on his grades at a Los Angeles private school.

When school is out of session, Bigi Jackson is often found hanging out with his siblings or Jackson family cousins. Around the first of August, Daily Mail posted paparazzi photos of Bigi Jackson as he was leaving his Taekwondo classes.

Michael Jackson will have a son that follows in his footsteps.
It is rumored by Tito Jackson that Michael Jackson’s son Bigi is also talented in music. [Image by MJ Kim/Getty Images]

Naturally, Bigi Jackson will have big shoes to fill since his father is Michael Jackson, and he is still enduring as the King of Pop long after his music set the world on fire.

This accomplishment has been long-standing with Michael Jackson, and that is surprising since, if MJ was still alive, he would still be far from retirement.

If Michael Jackson was still alive, he would have celebrated his 59th birthday on August 29, according to Newsweek.

As it appears, if Michael Jackson was still alive in 2017, he would have likely celebrated his 59th birthday along with getting an award for his accomplishments with his album Bad.

About the 30th anniversary of Bad celebrated on August 31, Billboard writes Michael Jackson’s 1987 release made a historical impression because it had five Hot 100 singles from one album.

Adding to this, Rolling Stone quoted Quincy Jones stating the following about making Bad with Michael Jackson.

“All the turmoil [in his life] was starting to mount up, so I said I thought it was time for him to do a very honest album writing all the songs. I suggested that for Bad. He did all but two songs… And they were all big – we had five Number One records.”

In addition to having interest in his music thanks to his father’s fans, Bigi Jackson will have a welcome home in the music industry through his aunts, uncles, and cousins. In particular, Michael Jackson’s brothers have been active in helping Bigi Jackson’s cousins succeed as musicians.

Michael Jackson’s family still misses him.
Michael Jackson’s children still admire their dad, according to family members close to them such as Tito Jackson. [Image by U.S. Army/Getty Images]

For example, the reality TV show The Jacksons: Next Generation features several of the 30 Jackson family cousins active in the music business getting helpful insider advice from older members of the Jackson family.

To find out more about the music careers of the Jackson family cousins, check out the “next generation” page at Jackson Source.

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