Hurricane Irma: Path Still Unknown But Strengthening At Alarming Rate – Is A Category 6 Storm Even A Thing?

As the people of Texas and Louisiana still try to bounce back from Hurricane Harvey, there is a real fear of another threat that could be aimed at somewhere in the United States by the end of the week. Hurricane Irma is out in the Atlantic Ocean and it is still the slightest bit too early to determine where it may go in the U.S., but it continues to strengthen and scare a lot of people. Some are even beginning to wonder if it may be the strongest storm of all time.

But, is there even such a thing as a Category 6 hurricane?

Late on Sunday afternoon, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Hurricane Irma was still a Category 3 storm, but that it could ascend to a Category 4 by Tuesday. Depending on where it does go, the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic could cause it to weaken, but only a little bit.

As reported by the Washington Post, though, Irma’s path is still very much unknown as it could end up striking the east coast of the United States by the end of the week or it could curve back out into the ocean. There really is no way of knowing what track it will take, but all signs are pointing to it becoming even stronger.

With Irma possibly getting up to the strength of a Category 5 storm, the SGT Report is wondering if it could grow bigger than that. It is a true possibility that by the time it continues through the ocean and approaches the U.S., it could be a storm that has winds of more than 180 miles per hour.

A Category 5 storm is classified as one that has 157-plus mph winds, but what if Irma continues to grow? brought up how Hurricane Wilma hit maximum sustained winds of 185 mph in the Atlantic Ocean back in 2005, but it remained as a Category 5.

The reason for that is simply due to a “Category 6” not even existing at this time. In order for a Category 6 storm to become a reality, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) would need to adjust their Saffir-Simpson Scale to classify a storm of much greater strength.

The Sun reported that Hurricane Irma is still about 3,000 miles from Miami as of Sunday afternoon and it is moving at a speed of around 13 mph. Despite it seeming not overly far away from the U.S., there is no way of knowing where it will go until probably Tuesday at the earliest.

All of the uncertainty with Hurricane Irma is a real thing even though some “fake forecasts” are being spread around social media. What’s also real is the strength that the storm is gaining in such a short amount of time and everyone needs to be prepared for whatever may or may not come their way.

With a few months left to go, this has already been a rather busy hurricane season which has seen plenty of damage and destruction. Unfortunately, there is already so much more possibly on the way with Hurricane Harvey just a week old. Now, those in the United States need to keep a close eye on Hurricane Irma as the very powerful storm that could represent a hypothetical Category 6 may end up coming their way, but only time will tell.

[Featured Image by NASA/Getty Images]