Todrick Hall Responds To Backlash Over Working With Taylor Swift After “Assumptions” About Who She Voted For

At the MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift unveiled her music video for her new single “Look What You Made Me Do.” Todrick Hall, who is a friend of the singer, as well as a Broadway performer and “out YouTuber,” made an appearance in that video. However, this appearance by Hall seems to have caused a bit of backlash from some of his fans.

According to Logo’s NewNowNext, there are some people who feel that Todrick Hall should not have been a part of Taylor Swift’s video because of their belief that she is a supporter of President Donald Trump. In a new interview with Yahoo! Music, Hall is speaking out in order to defend his friend over what he calls a “huge assumption” in regards to who she supported in the last election, as well as his decision to be a part of the video in general.

On social media, there were a number of people who called out both Taylor Swift and Todrick Hall for the performer’s inclusion in the “Look What You Made Me Do” video. Some of the comments directed at Hall indicated that he was looking for “white approval,” or that he was selling out in order to make money. While other people felt that Swift was using him as prop of sorts, in order to include a “black gay man” in her video.

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In his interview, Todrick Hall shared that backlash like this is nothing new for him. In regards to being called a sell out in order to get paid, the performer said that being a part of Taylor Swift’s video had nothing to do with money. Instead, Hall said that he was a part of the music video because the singer is one of his friends, and she was excited about doing this new video. According to Todrick Hall, Taylor Swift wanted people that she could trust to be with her because of how large of a project this was.

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Hall explained that Swift has been a very good friend to him, and when she asked him to be a part of her video, he was more than happy to join her. He shared that this is a person he has called to discuss relationship issues with and even cry on her shoulder, and he said that she has done the same with him, where she will call him for advice or just to chat.

Todrick Hall even talked about how Taylor Swift came to see him in Kinky Boots on Broadway, and then stayed after the performance to meet all of the people in the cast. He said that after she met with members of the cast and crew, she even went outside in order to meet with fans and sign autographs or take pictures.

In regards to the tweets about Taylor Swift being a Trump supporter that Todrick Hall has received, the performer said that he feels people are making a “huge assumption.” Hall said that to the best of his knowledge, Taylor Swift has never come out and said who she voted for, or really proclaimed herself as being a Donald Trump supporter. In fact, his question to people who tweeted him about the fact that Taylor Swift is a Trump supporter, was are you “mad that you think she might support Donald Trump? But you’re not mad that Kanye has been very openly pro-Trump?” Hall made it clear that this is something he is very confused about and he really does not understand this mindset.

While Todrick Hall made it clear that he did not speak for Taylor Swift and the decisions she does or does not make, he did say that no matter what she chooses to speak about, this is a person who has been a friend to him. Hall said that Swift has been a very great person in his life and her family has welcomed him into their lives as well. He said that he has never felt like he could not be himself around her and when she calls him it is not to talk about herself, but instead to ask about him and see how he is doing.

At the end of his interview, Todrick Hall said that he is not going to apologize for being a part of Taylor Swift’s music video and for “doing four eight-counts of choreography in it.” Hall said he thinks the video is a “great piece of art,” and he does not feel that being a part of the video for “Look What You Made Me Do” means that he was a sell out to either the gay community or his race. In fact, Hall said that not only did he not feel like he made a mistake, but he would do it all over again if he was given the opportunity.

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