‘Alaskan Bush People’ Update: As Ami Brown’s Battle With Cancer Worsens, Rain Posts Message Of Hope Online

While Alaskan Bush People may be off the air for a stretch, fans are still getting updates on Ami Brown’s battle with cancer and seeing the family rally around the weakened matriarch.

The 53-year-old was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer earlier this year, which progressed to Stage 4 within a few weeks. It is a diagnosis that gives only a 3 percent chance of survival, though Ami Brown has vowed to keep fighting. Her cancer battle played out for fans of the series, who watched the family leave Alaska in order to seek treatment.

The battle with cancer has been difficult for Ami Brown, but family members are apparently keeping hope. This week, Rain Brown posted an inspirational message on her Instagram page, showing a single bird flying against a backdrop of sun rays peaking through clouds.

Underneath the picture, Rain included the hashtags #stayhappy and #staystrong, which appeared to be references to the difficulties of Ami’s fight ahead.

Ami Brown recently opened up about her battle with cancer, telling People magazine that the rigorous course of treatment has left her ailing and weakened. Brown said her throat is sore from radiation and she lost close to one-third of her body weight, falling all the way to 89.4 pounds.

The entire family relocated from their home in the remote reaches of Alaska to Southern California, where Ami is undergoing her treatment.

“It hurts. Everything hurts,” Ami Brown told People magazine.

God's paintings #stayhappy #staystrong #sunset #beach #beautiful #beautifuldestinations #birds #Godspaintings

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The picture Rain Brown posted this weekend appears to make reference to Ami’s interview about her cancer battle. When asked how her family members are handling the diagnosis, Ami Brown noted that they all have to “strengthen their wings a little,” which Rain appears to be doing.

“Everyone is taking it a little differently. We’ve been together and close their entire lives but they’re grown now. They have to strengthen their wings a little. This was a little drastic for strengthening … there are good days and bad days – for them and for me. But they handle their emotions pretty good. There are days that they have to talk about it and then talk about it again. I have faith that they will remain strong.”

It is not clear how much more fans of Alaskan Bush People will see of Ami Brown’s cancer battle — on television, at least. There are reports that the show may not return for another season, and the Brown family may need to focus all of their attention on Ami as she undergoes treatment. There was a long break in the show this year as the family moved to Southern California, a hiatus that allowed producers to follow the family and show Ami’s cancer treatment in the final stretch of the season.

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