‘Outdaughtered’ Update On Mimi’s House, Belongings After Hurricane Harvey

A lot of families are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the family of Outdaughtered is one of those families. Adam and Danielle Busby seem to be just fine and so are their belongings, but Danielle’s mom, Mimi, lost a lot of her stuff. The Inquisitr shared about how Adam revealed that Mimi’s house was pretty bad and they had to take a boat over to check on it. At the time, Adam said she had about a foot of water in her house. Mimi was able to get out, though.

Today, they posted on the It’s A Buzzworld Facebook page and gave an update. It turns out that Mimi lost everything in her house. Of course, these are only belongings and everyone was safe, which is the important part. The post revealed that they had thrown out Mimi’s entire house. If you remember, when Mimi moved down there to be with her family, she got rid of a lot of her stuff. Mimi had a hard time letting go of her things. She moved away from an area that felt like home to her so that she could be with her family.

The post says that they will all be sticking together and will make it through. No word yet on if Mimi is living with Adam and Danielle Busby again, or who she is staying with right now. This has been a really hard time for all of them, but they are lucky that everyone is okay. Mimi lived with Adam and Danielle before, but she felt like it was a lot of work taking care of the kids all the time and she never got a break.

Adam Busby shared on Instagram earlier this week that they went to salvage a few things. They had to go by boat to get there check out what was left at the time.


Don’t miss new episodes of Outdaughtered on TLC. The cameras could have been rolling during some of the clean up of Mimi’s house, but remember they are months behind on what they are showing now.


[Featured Image by It’s A Buzz World/Facebook]