New Poll: Donald Trump's Approval Ratings Plunge Into 'Uncharted Territory'

Elisabeth Parker

Gallup tracks how many people in the U.S. approve or disapprove of a president's job performance on a daily basis, and Donald Trump is setting new records. Unfortunately, these aren't likely to be the kinds of records this president wants to be setting.

Newsweek called him the "least popular president ever" and reported Friday's Gallup poll had him at a stunningly low 34 percent. Meanwhile, he was stuck at just 35 percent for the rest of the week, with a full 60 percent of respondents outright saying they disapproved.

Nor does Donald Trump fare much better in other polls. The polling gurus at FiveThirtyEight have him at an only slightly better 38 percent approval rating with 57 percent giving him the thumbs down. Even the more right-leaning Rasmussen Reports has their more conservative respondents handing him a 42 percent approval rating with 56 percent saying they disapprove of the job he's doing.

These numbers are low enough to make any president and their administration worry, and Time even warns that these dismal numbers could plunge even lower.

"It is conceivable that he could become the least popular president in modern history," Time opines. Richard Nixon's approval rating hit 24 percent just before the Watergate scandal forced him to resign. George W. Bush's plummeted to an abysmal 25 percent in October 2008.

Anthony De Rosa, digital producer for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, took to Twitter and observed that no U.S. president has ever had such low approval ratings for so long. He then links to an article from PBS that proclaims these numbers have reached "uncharted territory."