Alex & Sierra Of ‘The X Factor’ Reveal Big Split

The famous couple Alex & Sierra from The X Factor have now revealed a big split. Us Weekly shared the details about what Alex & Sierra had to say about calling it quits. Fans had been picking up on the fact that there might be issues between them from their social networks and now the couple has confirmed the news.

This couple won Season 3 of The X Factor and the fans loved them together. They were a couple but also sang together as a duo. Alex Kinsey, 25, and Sierra Deaton, 26, actually broke up a while ago, but they are just now telling the fans about it. They revealed the news by going to Twitter.

In their Twitter post, Alex & Sierra shared that they are artists, but these were really hard words for them to write. They met back in 2009 on a beach in Florida and now eight years later the couple is over. It turns out that their romantic relationship ended over a year ago and somehow they were able to keep it quiet. They decided to continue working together musically.

They went on to explain that they have been best friends forever and so they really did try to stay together musically. Now, Alex & Sierra have made the decision to move on musically as well. They shared that the last tour was “hard on their hearts.” Now, Alex and Sierra will be able to do music on their own and that will be a lot easier.

After the big announcement, fans started to reach out to Alex & Sierra telling them how they felt about their split. The duo tweeted after that they were crying reading the responses from fans. Everyone would love to know why they waited so long to tell fans about the split or what caused it, but they are staying quiet about that so far.

Alex & Sierra could end up putting out albums of their own and you know that their fans will follow them and embrace any music they release. Only time will tell if anyone is going to hear from them again in the future.

Are you shocked to hear that Alex & Sierra from The X Factor have called it quits? Do you think they made the right decision by splitting musically as well? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]