WWE Rumors: Former Champion Returns, New Contender Determined For The Miz’s Championship At WWE Event?

On Saturday night, another superstar was determined to be the top contender for The Miz’s Intercontinental Championship at a live event on Friday night. Just last week on WWE’s Monday Night Raw program, Jeff Hardy was able to win a huge battle royal to earn that spot. However, it seems WWE held another huge battle royal at their latest house show in Wichita, Kansas. During that match, fans saw a former champion within WWE make his return to the ring. In addition, the card saw The Miz defend his championship against the new winner of the battle royal, who wasn’t Jeff Hardy.

According to Top Rope Press, the WWE’s Wichita, Kansas event had a big battle royal as part of the event. Fans who watched last week’s Raw saw that it came down to Jason Jordan making a bunch of eliminations late in the match, but he was then tossed out of the ring by Jeff Hardy. However, at last night’s event in Wichita, it was Kurt Angle’s long-lost illegitimate son, Jason Jordan, who won the battle royal. That meant that Jordan would go on to challenge The Miz for the Intercontinental title later in the night. Another important event that occurred during the big match was the return of the former champion to the ring.

WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz defends title Wichita
Another battle royal was held at a live event on Friday, giving The Miz a new challenger for his Intercontinental title the same night. [Image by WWE]

It was reported that former tag team champion Darren Young was a part of the battle royal match in Wichita, according to Sportskeeda. Young had been out of action since this past January, as he missed WrestleMania and many other pay-per-views along the way. Jordan and Young were joined in the battle royal by a good number of other superstars including Curt Hawkins and Kalisto. Young tweeted a photo of him with Kalisto to let fans know he was back.

With Jason Jordan winning this particular battle royal at a live event, it meant he got to challenge The Miz for the WWE Intercontinental title later on during the show. That was the second-to-last match and saw Miz prevail to leave Wichita still the champion. The Miz had Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel at ringside to give him some assistance, providing distractions when needed. His lovely wife Maryse was not present, though. In the end, even though Dallas and Axel got sent backstage by the referee, Miz relied on an exposed turnbuckle to help him win as he sent Jordan into it and then grabbed the winning pinfall.

That win means The Miz will still defend the title against Jeff Hardy when WWE Raw goes live on Monday night, with this match more of a random house show occurrence. Of note, The Hardy Boyz competed in a different match where they were in a Triple Threat with Sheamus and Cesaro and the current tag team champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Therefore, it would have meant a lot of work for Jeff Hardy at one show, ahead of his big match on Monday’s TV program.

Jason Jordan vs The Miz on WWE Raw
Jason Jordan challenged The Miz for his Intercontinental title in Wichita, but Jeff Hardy appears to still be No. 1 contender scheduled to face Miz for the title on Monday's Raw. [Image by WWE]

What makes the Intercontinental Championship match in Wichita intriguing is the rumor that Jason Jordan was slated to face The Miz for the Intercontinental title at the previous SummerSlam pay-per-view. However, those plans for Jordan to be involved in the title picture seem like they were scrapped. Jeff Hardy was a surprise winner of the big battle royal on last week’s show, with him eliminating Jordan last. So as it stands, it will be Jeff Hardy vs. The Miz on Raw this Monday for the title.

Was Jeff Hardy the winner so that Miz can defeat him and then boast he defeated another great Intercontinental Champion? It leads one to wonder whether there is something else in the works with Jason Jordan such as a heel turn where he attacks Hardy at some point. There could also be some sort of a Triple Threat match for a future PPV involving Hardy, Jordan and The Miz. While Jordan vs. The Miz last night may have been a preview, it’s also quite possible this was just a filler match on a house show card.

WWE fans, do you think Jason Jordan will become involved in the WWE Intercontinental Championship picture somehow or was last night’s match simply for the fans in Wichita, Kansas? Also, will Darren Young join the Titus Brand or stay on his own?

[Featured Image by WWE]