Ice T May Be Angry Once Again, If Naked Photos Of Coco Rumors Are True

Ice T and Coco are once again making scandalous headlines as rapper AP.9 reportedly claims he has naked photos of the Las Vegas showgirl in bed. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Coco and Ice T were recently embroiled in romantic drama after the first round of photos hit the internet.

Coco supposedly angered her husband when pictures of her cuddling with the rap star surfaced online. The blonde former reality show star quickly apologized for what she termed, “inappropriate behavior” and further gossip-filled angst seemed averted. A Radar Online reports claims that the AP.9 rapper is now boasting that evidence exists that the encounter with Coco was not as G-rated as the Vegas showgirl claimed.

The celebrity source had this to say about the photos of the rapper and the reality show star:

“AP.9 has been bragging that he has photos of Coco with him in a private room in Vegas, and that in some of them she’s on a bed, totally naked. He’s been putting feelers out to see if people want to buy the pictures and he’s claiming they’re really salacious and that a lot more happened with Coco than just them posing in a night club.”

Ice T, 53, used Twitter to vent his anger when the previous photos of AP.9 and Coco wound up online. One of the pictures reportedly showed the two “nuzzling” when posed together on a chair. A second Coco photo depicts AP.9 with his hands around her waist while he kissed her on the cheek. The third photo which angered Ice T allegedly showed the rapper grabbing Coco from behind while she “nestled” in his arms.