‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Family Member On New Season Of ‘Below Deck’

It looks like Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel has another family member on Bravo this season. This time it’s Baker Manning who will be a stewardess on the new season of Below Deck. Bravo confirmed that Thomas Ravenel and Baker Manning are indeed related and that Ravenel’s father is married to Manning’s paternal grandmother. It sounds like Ravenel and Manning are cousins from that description, but it is confirmed that Baker Manning is on Below Deck working on the Valor this year. Last season, Ravenel and Southern Charm co-star Shep Rose figured out that they were cousins, but there is no confirmation whether Baker and Shep are related.

While it is a sure thing that Baker Manning is on the new season of Below Deck with everyone’s favorite captain, Bravo still hasn’t confirmed what most fans assume, which is that Southern Charm season 5 is going to happen. It seems safe to say that Baker as a newbie will not be making the kind of waves that Thomas Ravenel make on and off camera on Southern Charm. Last season the custody battle between Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis was the focus of the drama, and Ravenel has sparked more interest on Twitter after he was angered by the suggestion that Bravo’s Andy Cohen had a grander net worth than Ravenel.

“You obviously know nothing about me. I could give two sh*ts about a tv show and I could buy @Andy with a credit card, so…”

But Cohen saw the post and responded.

“How much would I cost, T-Rav!????”

But Baker Manning plans to keep her head down and work hard for her first season of Below Deck. Baker is a graduate of College of Charleston who has experience working on private jets, sailboats, and yachts but also teaches Zumba classes between gigs on the water. On her website www.bakermanning.com, she instructs people on what it takes to be a yachty and addresses the misconceptions.

“[A yachty is] a person who lives and works full time on a luxurious super yacht that travels to some of the most exotic destinations in the world.”

Manning says that even though Below Deck makes yachting look glamorous, there is a lot of hard work involved.

Working on a yacht is NOT as glamorous as it may seem, it’s actually very hard work.

  • It can be very long, physical work that requires strength and stamina.
  • You may have to take long voyages offshore for several days which can be physically and mentally draining.
  • You will most likely share a tiny cabin with another person and you will have little to no privacy and space.
  • You’ll be cleaning toilets, scrubbing decks, crawling around in tiny spaces, lifting heavy things, dealing with lots of chemicals, and getting wet, and dirty.

But RadarOnline is suggesting that maybe Baker Manning of Below Deck has more in common with cousin Thomas Ravenel than fans first noticed. Cousin Thomas had a brush with the law in the past, doing time in federal prison for cocaine possession, and back in 2007, Baker Manning of Below Deck was arrested on possession of marijuana and cocaine in the “close proximity of a school.”

Police reported that they showed up at a party based on a noise complaint.

“Upon arrival at the residence, Officer York heard loud [sic] voice and knocked on the door. Subject Baker Manning opened the door while holding an open container of beer, and another subject was walking in the hallway holding a large clear pipe.”

Manning was arrested and the drugs on the scene were seized.


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But that arrest was ten years ago, and obviously, Baker Manning has turned her life around and has been gainfully employed in the yachting industry.

The new season of Below Deck premieres on September 5th.

Will you watch Baker Manning on the new season of Below Deck?

[Featured Image by Bravotv]