‘LPBW’ Audrey Roloff Weekend Baby Watch: Speculations, Details, Baby Names And More [Update]

Audrey Roloff has passed her due date. August 31 came and went, and the reality TV star did not give birth. September 1 arrived too, and the LPBW star did not give any indication that she was about to deliver her first child either. As the weekend begins and the Little People, Big World community waits in anticipation, here is a brief guide to everything that is currently known about Audrey Roloff and the birth of her upcoming daughter.

This brief guide will be updated consistently over the weekend, so make sure that this page is refreshed every so often. Do take note that the latest updates on Audrey and the arrival of Baby Girl Roloff would be posted at the top of this article, while the earliest details about the upcoming LPBW event would be placed at the bottom of this piece.

Without further adieu, here then, is Audrey Roloff’s Weekend Baby Watch.

Update as of Sunday, 11:00 p.m., September 3

Audrey Roloff has finally shown up on camera! Appearing on her husband’s Instagram Story, Audrey looked radiant as she spent some time outside her house. Both Auj and Jer were beaming in the candid photos, suggesting that the reality TV stars are perfectly fine. Apart from this, Zach Roloff, who was seen in his wife’s earlier Instagram Story, was also seen in Jeremy’s social media update visiting the expecting couple with baby Jackson.

Audrey and Jeremy’s latest Instagram Story photos were captured and saved by the pair’s social media fans. Interestingly, however, the images show Auj and Jer spending time outdoors seemingly way before sunset. Thus, it is quite possible that the images Jeremy recently uploaded were taken earlier during the day. So far, it seems like the weekend would end without Baby Girl Roloff making an appearance.

Update as of Sunday, 5:00 p.m., September 3

Audrey and Jeremy posted brief updates on their respective Instagram accounts. Jeremy showed off a tree he had been planting on their backyard, and Audrey shared a video featuring Jer putting the finishing touches on his little gardening project. Interestingly, Audrey has not pointed the camera at herself since the weekend started, opting instead to record those around her. Also, Tori Roloff posted some cute photos and videos of baby Jackson, who seems like he is starting to crawl on his own. Almost 18 hours into Sunday, the Roloff family remains tight-lipped about any information relating to Baby Girl Roloff and her impending arrival.

Still no baby yet ????

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Update as of Sunday, 10:30 a.m., September 3

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff seem to have stepped on the brakes of their social media activity once more, and so did everyone else in the reality TV family. While the lack of updates on the Roloffs’ Instagram and Facebook pages could simply be due to everyone resting this Sunday, some LPBW fans are suggesting that Auj might be beginning to feel the first signs of labor.

As the Little People, Big World community waits for the latest update on the birth of Baby Girl Roloff; some fans have taken it upon themselves to speculate on the name that would be given to the youngest member of the reality TV family. Some members of the LPBW subreddit suggested that Audrey and Jeremy might end up giving their daughter a tomboyish name, such as Max, or something Biblical, considering the couple’s staunch Christian faith.

Update as of Sunday, 1:00 a.m., September 3

It seems like Baby Girl Roloff broke through the September 2 barrier. Audrey Roloff updated her Instagram Story late Saturday, showing off a baby girl onesie from a friend and a plushie from her mother. Jeremy, Tori, Matt and Amy Roloff have not updated their social media pages since earlier during the day. Zach Roloff, however, posted a few clips on his Instagram Story featuring him and Tori driving on the highway as they listened to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” Overall, the reality TV family has been very careful about giving away any details regarding Audrey and Baby Girl Roloff’s current status.

Update as of Saturday, 9:00 p.m., September 2

Amy Roloff has promoted her homemade Zucchini bread to her social media followers. Matt Roloff, on the other hand, has remained silent on all his primary social media accounts. Interestingly, while Matt, Tori, Jeremy and Audrey have been posting about Baby Girl Roloff over the past few hours, Amy has not mentioned the upcoming birth on her most recent social media updates at all.

Update as of Saturday, 7:00 p.m., September 2

Jeremy Roloff has resumed his social media activity, posting a candid photo of his and Audrey’s calico cat. Audrey has also updated her Instagram followers, praising her sister-in-law Tori and her nephew, Jackson, for supporting her newest clothing line. As of early Saturday night, there is still no sign that the outspoken reality TV star is starting to give birth.

Update as of Saturday, 5:00 p.m., September 2

Audrey Roloff just updated her Instagram Story with a video of a football game featuring the Oregon State Beavers and the Portland State Vikings. The video was taken from the living room of their new home, and it featured no sound. While Jeremy and Matt Roloff’s official social media pages remain very quiet, Tori and Amy Roloff have provided Instagram followers a brief update on how their weekend is going. So far, there remains no reference to Baby Girl Roloff on the family’s most recent updates.

Update as of Saturday, 1:00 p.m., September 2

Audrey Roloff posted yet another image on her Instagram Story. Just like her other posts during the past few days, her most recent update, which was shared just a few minutes ago, feature her line of Always More baby onesies. Expressing her delight at the positive reception to her new clothing line, Audrey stated that she simply cannot help but be excited for more photos of her social media followers’ children rocking her Always More baby onesies.

Considering that the new image on Auj’s Instagram Story came from her verified personal account, there is a pretty big chance the reality TV star has not started her labor yet. Her husband, Jeremy, as well as the other members of the Roloff family, however, are still silent on social media.

Update as of Saturday, 12:15 p.m., September 2

Audrey Roloff and husband Jeremy Roloff have practically disappeared from social media. This is particularly interesting since Audrey and Jeremy are arguably the most social media-savvy members of the Roloff family. Jeremy, for one, has constantly been updating his Instagram followers about the ongoing repairs to their newly-purchased home. So far, however, Jeremy has gone a full 24 hours without any new update on his Instagram Story.

Jeremy did appear, however, in an Instagram video that Audrey posted 15 hours ago. In the brief video clip, Audrey could be heard speaking to Jeremy as he did some gardening. The brief clip was Audrey’s last post on the social media platform as of writing. Most of Auj’s Instagram Story photos, which show off her 40-week stomach, are set to expire in a couple of hours.

Interestingly, the other members of the Roloff family have also ceased their social media activity since around 12 hours ago. Tori Roloff, another member of the reality TV family who is active on social media, posted her last Instagram Story 12 hours ago. The same is true with Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff, both of whom have been quite silent in their social media feeds for more than 12 hours. No official announcements have been given by the family so far. Thus, for now, at least, the name of Baby Girl Roloff, as well as Audrey’s current status, remains unknown.

The sudden absence of the Roloff family in their respective social media pages is quite interesting. For one, it does seem to suggest that something significant might be happening in Roloff Farms. Is the Little People, Big World family’s sudden disappearance on social media caused by the start of Audrey Roloff’s labor? The next few hours would likely give more clues.

Until then, check back here for the latest updates on Audrey Roloff’s Weekend Baby Watch.

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