Beth Rae Harris: Woman Allegedly Encouraged Man To Rape Her Unconscious Friend, Posted Video To Snapchat

Beth Rae Harris is accused of encouraging at least one man to rape her passed-out friend, then took video of the assault and posted it to the victim’s Snapchat.

The assault allegedly took place in Chicago last month, after a night of drinking between Harris and her alleged victim. According to a report from the New York Post, the women had fought over a man at a party on August 24, but apparently made up and continued to drink at a night club before going to a hotel and eventually back to Harris’ apartment. The victim reportedly passed out drunk, which is when the night took a dark turn.

According to police in Chicago, Beth Rae Harris encouraged at least one man to rape her passed-out friend, and Harris captured video of the assault.

The following morning, the victim awoke naked and felt sore, but did not immediately know that she had been raped. Later, she found that video of her rape had been posted to her Snapchat. Harris also appeared in the video as well and was seen insulting the unconscious victim, NBC Chicago reported.

Police said they believe the dispute over a man may have been a motivating factor in the assault. The reports did not name the man who allegedly raped the victim and did not say whether he or others could be facing charges for the rape.

The story of Beth Rae Harri’s arrest has garnered interest across the country, with many news outlets picking up the story of the strange alleged rape. It also made headlines internationally, with the U.K.’s Independent newspaper one of many across the world picking up on it as well.

Many people also commented on the bizarre nature of the crime and the fact that Harris seemed to implicate herself by posting a video in which she could be heard encouraging the rape. Video of the rape itself was reportedly available on the victim’s Snapchat for several hours but has since been deleted.

After the incident, Beth Rae Harris was arrested and charged with non-consensual dissemination of sexual images. She is being held in the Cook County jail in lieu of $150,000 bail.

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