Pastor Blames Hurricane Harvey On LGBTQ Rights: ‘Unless Houston Repents, They Will Perish’

Colorado pastor Kevin Swanson made some controversial remarks on Friday, suggesting that Hurricane Harvey was God’s punishment against cities that have embraced LGBTQ rights, or what he refers to as “sexual perversion.”

On Friday’s episode of the radio show Generations with Kevin Swanson, the Elizabeth, Colorado-based Swanson, who is a pastor at the small town’s Reformation Church, said that Hurricane Harvey represents God’s judgment of Houston and other cities that have openly welcomed “sexual perversion” and not asked forgiveness for it. He warned that unless Houston, New Orleans, and the rest of America repents, “they will all likewise perish” for their perceived sins.

“That is the message that the Lord Jesus Christ is sending home right now to America,” Swanson added, as quoted by HuffPost.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, conservative commentator Ann Coulter also linked Hurricane Harvey to the LGBTQ community. Although she didn’t outright blame openly gay former Houston Mayor Annise Parker or say it was God’s punishment for Houston electing her as mayor, Coulter tweeted that the fact the city had a lesbian mayor is a more plausible justification for the storm than climate change. This sparked outrage from social media users, according to Houston-based LGBTQ magazine OutSmart, as many took to Twitter to call Coulter’s remarks “stupid and inhuman” and lacking in credibility, among other things.

Kevin Swanson, on the other hand, outright remarked that Hurricane Harvey was brought on by people in favor of LGBTQ rights, or those who identify as LGBTQ, including the aforementioned Annise Parker. Swanson referred to her as a “very, very aggressive pro-homosexual mayor” in Friday’s episode of his radio show and also complained about Texas’ state government, which wasn’t able to pass a bathroom bill that would have banned cross-dressers who were born male from using women’s restrooms.

“I think that the entire state of Texas and the entire United States of America needs to take note of this, and realize that there is a God in heaven,” Swanson continued.

“He brings His judgments and He calls nations to repentance, as He is doing right now.”

With New Orleans likely to feel the remaining wrath of Harvey at the time of his radio show, Swanson said that God was giving the Crescent City a “heads up” as it prepared for the “Southern Decadence” festival, which is scheduled to take place this weekend. He opined that Hurricane Harvey came with “perfect timing” ahead of a key LGBTQ-friendly event, one that he described as the “largest sexual perversion event in the country.”

Swanson’s remarks on Hurricane Harvey came almost two years after he went on a viral rant where he alleged that the Harry Potter book and film franchise promotes homosexuality. According to the New York Daily News, Swanson claimed that Professor Dumbledore was a “homosexual mentor” to the young wizard Harry Potter. Aside from that oft-quoted portion of the sermon, the pastor also asked Americans to repent for legalized abortion, birth control, and even “immoral themes” in country music songs. More than a year prior to those comments, Swanson had also alleged that the Disney film Frozen was a tool used to indoctrinate young children, including his then 5-year-old daughter, to become lesbians.

What are your thoughts on Kevin Swanson’s latest statement on Hurricane Harvey and LGBTQ rights?

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