'Cannibal' Allegedly Served Guests Pepper Soup Made Of Human Liver And Intestines Taken From Murdered Pastor

Lawrence Arboleda

Roland Peter, 47, was accused of serving his guests with pepper soup made from the remains of a murdered pastor. As reported by Mirror, the people the suspected cannibal served the soup to were members of a gang who kidnapped and murdered Pastor Samuel Okpara in Nigeria.

According to Police Commissioner Zaki Ahmed, the suspected cannibal was a member of the notorious gang as well. Peter was arrested while he was preparing the meal for the crime gang, he said.

Roland Peter denied the accusations of murder and cannibalism made against him, claiming that he was arrested for illegal possession of firearms. He said the police made the arrest because they suspect that cultists have been keeping guns in his house, which he denied.

He did admit that he knew the murdered pastor, adding that he sees him as a "man of God."

He also denied that he used the pastor's remains in preparing the meal for his guests, claiming that he cooked fish.

"But police saying that I cook with human parts is a lie. What I use to cook my food is fish. I don't use human parts."

Claiming that he is a "servant of God," he said he believes that "The Lord" told him his kitchen is for everyone he created, which means he is under obligation to serve meals to anyone who enters his kitchen.

"He said he is hungry and I ordered her to give him food because if you deny the guys what they want, they will rape your wife, kill you and your children," he explained.

"So, to save my wife and family, we gave him food and the police came in the night and arrested me."

Rivers State Commissioner Ahmed confirmed that Peter is now helping the police in their investigation.

The case of Roland Peter was the second incident of cannibalism reported in Africa in a week.

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