WWE Officials Canceled Major Plans For Seth Rollins Before Pairing Him With Dean Ambrose

One of the most compelling storylines on WWE television has been the reconciliation between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose on Raw. It took some time to reestablish trust between them, but Rollins and Ambrose finally buried the hatchet and became the Raw Tag Team Champions at WWE Summerslam. However, the powers that be were not originally planning for Seth to get involved with Ambrose or the tag team division.

A couple months back, Seth Rollins had begun a rivalry with Bray Wyatt. The two had a handful of matches on Raw and at WWE Great Balls of Fire. During a recent interview with the Sam Roberts Podcast, Rollins revealed that his feud with Wyatt was scrapped behind the scenes. Unfortunately, Seth didn’t get into any specifics regarding the reason why their rivalry was cut so short, but it was supposed to last much longer.

“The Kingslayer” revealed that he and “The Eater of Worlds” were meant to feud for multiple PPVs, but the decision was made for both men to go in different directions by the powers that be. Wyatt has resumed his rivalry with Finn Balor and Rollins found success with Dean Ambrose. Rollins vs. Wyatt was scrapped and it worked out for the best, but there are still some fans who are curious what may have been between them.

Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt Feud Was Canceled Early

The WWE Universe didn’t seem fully invested in the conflict between Rollins and Wyatt. Their rivalry was out of left field for a lot of people, and their dynamic didn’t fit as well as most people believed it would. The biggest obstacle was the reason for their tension. It’s understandable why the feud was canceled because it didn’t have much momentum, but they may have scrapped it before the rivals could find their chemistry.

Seth Rollins Has Found A New Push With Dean Ambrose

There is no doubting the chemistry between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. WWE officials made the right call to change their plans, but the one who has been left in the dust is Bray Wyatt. He went on to lose a big match to Finn Balor at WWE Summerslam. Their feud will continue heading into WWE No Mercy, but the hope is that Wyatt can benefit from the creative changes just as Seth Rollins has done over recent months.

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