Joy-Anna Duggar Slammed For Riding Dirt Bike While Pregnant, Family Insider Talks ‘Shotgun Wedding’ Rumors

Joy-Anna Duggar surprised fans by announcing that she was pregnant just three months after tying the knot with Austin Forsyth. Duggar devotees were even more shocked when they saw the size of the Counting On star’s baby bump, and her pregnancy news also has them buzzing about a recent photo of the mom-to-be and her husband, Austin Forsyth, riding dirt bikes.

Joy-Anna Duggar, 19, and Austin Forsyth, 23, announced that they were expecting their first child earlier this week, and they shared the first photo of Joy-Anna’s baby bump on their joint Instagram page. The size of her stomach raised a few eyebrows, and RadarOnline even got an expert to weigh in on how far along she likely is. Dr. Stuart Fischer has not personally examined the Counting On star, but the New York internist believes that she is four to five months pregnant based on photos of her baby bump. Joy-Anna and Austin’s wedding took place on May 26, just a little over three months ago.

A Duggar family insider said that it’s possible that Joy-Anna got pregnant before her wedding day, even though she had to follow strict courtship rules up until the moment she officially became a wife. They included a requirement that a chaperone had to present whenever she spent time with Austin Forsyth.

“The pregnancy was very fast. I don’t see it being far fetched when you have such strict rules before marriage,” said the source, adding, “I couldn’t give you a definite answer, but why not?”

As reported by CafeMom, Joy-Anna Duggar has not revealed how far along she is into her pregnancy, which is unusual for a Duggar. According to the Huffington Post, Jessa Duggar stated that she was 12 weeks along in her first pregnancy announcement video, and Jill Duggar shared her March 2015 due date with Page Six just eight weeks after she and Derick Dillard tied the knot.

Fans aren’t just debating over whether Austin Forsyth and his wife had a shotgun wedding; they’re also arguing over whether the Counting On stars knew that Joy-Anna was pregnant when she decided to hop on a dirt bike for the very first time.

I always love getting to do new things & go on new adventures with my man!???? #firsttimedirtbiking #loveyouforeverandalways

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Joy-Anna alarmed some of her Instagram followers last month when she revealed that she had ridden a dirt bike while wearing a long dress. She showed off her unusual outfit choice in the two-image slideshow above, and fans slammed her for putting herself in danger. They pointed out that the material of her skirt could have gotten caught in her bike tire, putting her at risk of crashing.

Now, Joy-Anna Duggar’s pregnancy announcement has prompted renewed criticism of the dirt bike photos. Some fans believe that she was putting her unborn child in danger by dirt biking while pregnant.

“Why were you riding a dirt bike August 19 if you knew you were 3 months pregnant? Totally irresponsible!!” wrote one fan on the Duggar Family Facebook page.

“Wait, you rode dirt bikes for the first time while that pregnant?!? Really??” commented one of Joy-Anna’s Instagram followers.

So far, Joy-Anna Duggar hasn’t responded to her critics, but some experts agree with the fans who think that the pregnant teen was engaging in risky behavior by riding two-wheelers with Austin Forsyth. Dr. Peter Vincent, medical adviser to Netcare Travel Clinics, told Parent24 that cruising around on motorcycles and bicycles is potentially dangerous for pregnant women because there’s a “risk of falls that could cause trauma to the abdomen.”

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