‘BB19’ Spoilers: Week 10 Nominations Revealed, Alex Ow Regrets Throwing HOH, Jason Dent Confused

BB19 spoilers now reveal what took place at the Nomination Ceremony on Friday, September 1. The Week 10 nominations are Alex Ow and Jason Dent, confirming rumors that these would be the Big Brother 19 spoilers depicted on the live feeds today. This is all part of the plan that Christmas Abbott is working on as the new Head of Household. The rub is that Christmas was put in power thanks to the help of Jason and Alex.

A lot is taking place on the CBS live feeds today, but it has never been more obvious that Paul Abrahamian is running the show. These may be obvious BB19 spoilers to anyone who has been watching the online feeds for most of the summer, as it seems like Paul has worked out alliances with nearly everyone in the BB19 cast. He has even fostered a good relationship with Raven Walton, all while working his hardest to get Matt Clines evicted.

Paul even has Alex and Jason calmly dealing with the revelation that they are on the block, all with the ruse that Kevin Schlehuber is about to become the next member of the BB19 jury. Kevin will only go to the jury house if something goes terribly wrong with the current plan, or if there is a new twist that has entered the game. Instead, it will be either Jason Dent or Alex Ow joining Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, and Mark Jansen in casting votes for the Big Brother 19 winner.

So how did it all get to this point of the game? As previously revealed by the Inquisitr, BB19 spoilers have already stated that the rest of the cast threw the Head of Household Competition in order to make Christmas Abbott the winner. Kevin Schlehuber was the first person to throw the HOH, followed by Raven Walton, Alex Ow, Paul Abrahamian, and Josh Martinez. Jason was well aware of the plan and an injured houseguest ended up winning a challenge that was entirely based on speed.

There is already a lot of backlash taking place on social media because many fans that have learned the BB19 spoilers about the HOH Competition are not pleased. It has also given way to more conspiracy theories, as this sets up the summer 2017 season for Christmas Abbott and Paul Abrahamian to make it all the way to the finale. It also has live feed subscribers asking whether anyone else even wants to become the Big Brother 19 winner and take home that $500,000 prize.

Unless Jason Dent or Alex Ow win the Power of Veto on Saturday, September 2, then the nominations are very likely going to stay the same. It will then lead to another unanimous eviction vote, likely with Jason joining the BB19 jury. There are going to be many more BB19 spoilers this weekend, beginning with the veto results, but likely also including more work by Paul Abrahamian to keep the nominees in the dark about the real plan.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]