‘Alaskan Bush People’: Ami Brown Given 3 Percent Chance Of Surviving Lung Cancer, Fans Pray For A Miracle

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown has only been given a 3 percent chance of surviving lung cancer, and fans of the long-running Discovery Channel reality TV show are praying for a miracle. With the end of Season 7 and rumors of an upcoming new season of Alaskan Bush People, fans are wondering what will happen to the other members of the Brown family if Ami Brown doesn’t survive her late-stage lung cancer diagnosis. Brown family matriarch Ami Brown was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer prior to Season 7 airing on the Discovery Channel back in June.

The beginning of Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People revealed publicly that Ami Brown was suffering from stage 3B lung cancer, which was later upgraded to stage 4 lung cancer. As the new season progressed through the last few months, there were no official updates on the health of Ami Brown. Just recently, the Brown family members began to talk about how Ami Brown is doing and how the rest of the family is coping with such a dire diagnosis. Even Brown family patriarch Billy Brown and Ami Brown herself took part in recent interviews where they openly discussed Ami’s battle with lung cancer.

Sources say that Ami Brown is not doing well, and Country Living shared just over a week ago that Ami’s chances of surviving stage 4 lung cancer are low. As Ami Brown’s cancer treatment reportedly continues in a California hospital, Billy Brown recently revealed that her doctors have only given the 54-year-old Alaskan Bush People star and fan-favorite a mere 3 percent chance of surviving lung cancer. The entire Brown family has packed up Browntown in Alaska to stay in Southern California with mom Ami as she lives out what she thinks may be her last days. Fans of Alaskan Bush People are praying for a miracle for Ami Brown as another new episode of Season 7 wrapped up last week.

TV Guide shows that there’s one more episode left in Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People that’s due to air on September 21 called “Forging a New Future.” Browntown is reportedly moving from the Alaskan Bush to Colorado with the last new episode of Season 7 showing some of the Brown family siblings forging a new homestead to be featured in a rumored upcoming Season 8. But fans of Alaskan Bush People can’t imagine the show’s setting in Colorado or even a new season without the Brown family matriarch. A subreddit for Alaskan Bush People recently posed the question about what the future is for the show amid the Brown family’s move to Colorado and Ami’s illness.

Some comments believe that the Brown family moving to the lower 48 states is just a way for the Discovery Channel to end Alaskan Bush People on a positive note, while other comments suggest that Season 8 will be a spinoff series featuring some of the Brown family siblings. The question on the subreddit from eight days ago also pondered whether the Brown family will want to continue to chronicle Ami Brown’s battle with stage 4 lung cancer via the small screen. Alaskan Bush People Season 7 was filled with recaps, as one comment pointed out, leading some fans to believe that there won’t be much left to show viewers for another new season.

Reports are surfacing online that Noah, Gabe, and possibly even Joshua “Bam” Brown won’t be participating in another new season of Alaskan Bush People, and Monsters & Critics recently tried to unravel whether there will even be a Season 8. Viewership for Season 7 reportedly spiked as fans of Alaskan Bush People tuned in for updates on Ami Brown’s lung cancer diagnosis, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Monsters & Critics even agreed that this last new season of Alaskan Bush People has been a “ratings winner” for the Discovery Channel, adding that Season 8 will probably air in November or December — possibly with a different name.

Viewers suggest Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People should be called either “Alaskan Bush People Relocated” or simply just Browntown. Overall, loyal fans just want the Discovery Channel to “please bring the Alaskan Bush People back” after Season 7 and are sending Ami Brown and the rest of the Brown family members their love, thoughts, and prayers, while also hoping for a miracle.

The Futon Critic lists the status of Alaskan Bush People as on hiatus with the fate of the show still to be determined.

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