Matt Roloff Slams AZ’s ‘Extreme Midget Wrestling’ Event As Grandpa-To-Be Waits For Second Grandchild’s Birth

Matt Roloff is about to become a grandfather not just to one child, but to two. With Audrey Roloff passing her due date, Baby Girl Roloff is quite literally set to arrive anytime. As the grandpa-to-be waits for the birth of his first granddaughter, however, the Little People, Big World star has opted to speak out against an upcoming AZ event that seems to be exploiting the plight of people with dwarfism.

Mesa, AZ, will be playing host to an Extreme Midget Wrestling event on October 14, which will be held at the Arizona Event Center. According to the event’s official Facebook page, EMW would feature classic wrestling entertainment, with a “midget twist.”

“This is a body slamming activity… MIDGET STYLE!!! The World’s smallest wrestlers are competing for the title! Midgets vs. Dwarfs in an all out Pro Wrestling War. Extreme Midget Wrestling will shock and delight you! We are the baddest little show on earth! Don’t miss this epic event!!!”

While EMW is being plugged by its organizers as a fun event that would entertain viewers, Matt Roloff believes that the idea behind the event is not only backwards, but also tasteless and rude. According to the LPBW star, holding an event called Extreme Midget Wrestling is the last thing America’s little people community needs.

“Let me say on the record I’m not against Little People wrestling. I fully advocate and support LP’s endeavoring to play sports, have jobs and follow their dreams. I don’t, however, support a major metropolitan American City such as City Government of Chandler, Arizona playing host (i.e., allowing) an event that uses terms such as Extreme Midget Wrestling. This is tasteless, rude, and unnecessary. It’s anything but progressive.”

HOUSTON. We have a problem... The Roloffs are in town! Enjoying a nice TexMex dinner with our friends from TLC.

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Considering Matt Roloff’s standing in the little people community of the United States and his massive social media following, his strong reactions to AZ’s EMW event have already reached thousands of people in social media. In the first half hour since Matt spoke out against AZ’s upcoming EMW event alone, his post had gained more than 3,000 likes and more than 300 comments, practically all of which were fully supportive of the LPBW star’s stance.

Matt has been enjoying the company of his boys in Roloff farms during the past few days as he waits for the arrival of his granddaughter. As Audrey Roloff waits for the arrival of her baby girl, Matt has pretty much spent the past few days waiting with his sons, Zach and Jeremy Roloff. Just yesterday, Matt even uploaded a photo of him and his sons sitting by a bonfire as they counted down the “days/hours” until Jer and Auj have their first child.

Audrey Roloff’s upcoming birth has been the center of attention among LPBW fans over the past few weeks. The outspoken Roloff in-law even made headlines last week after practically all the members of the Roloff family left the farm on separate trips. So far, however, Matt, Zach, Tori, and Baby Jackson have all made it back. Only Amy Roloff has not posted an update since she responded to her critics on social media.

For now, the Little People, Big World community is on high alert. With Audrey Roloff passing her due date, all the pieces are in place for what could very well be the dramatic arrival of Matt and Amy Roloff’s first granddaughter.

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]