Is A New ‘BB19’ Showmance Blooming Between Raven And Paul After The Loss Of Her Love Interest Matt?

On the last episode of Big Brother 19, viewers witnessed Raven Walton lose her showmance partner, Matthew Clines, to a live eviction. On the house live feeds she could be heard lamenting his departure, but some are noticing that since Matt has been gone, Raven has been getting closer to Paul Abrahamian. This begs the question as to whether a new showmance could bloom in the BB19 abode between the two, which would naturally be called “Paven.” Alas, if Paul has anything to say about it, Paven is never going to happen.

After Thursday night’s events, Raven now has her friendship bracelet back on that was given to chosen cast members by Paul during his first night in the Big Brother 19 house. In addition, according to RHAP‘s latest live feed update, Raven has been heard shipping the bond between her and Paul as the aforementioned moniker “Paven” in a less than discrete manner.

At around 11:50 p.m. BB19 house time, Kevin Schlehuber, the elder statesman this season, must have picked up on Raven’s behavior regarding Paul and joked with him, saying Paul’s a “prime candidate for Raven,” according to Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates. He added that he thought Raven would be all over Paul and was probably in his bed at that very moment.

Only a few minutes later, Raven sat next to Paul and, not long after, decided she would pop some of his pimples. Paul was not pleased and yelled, “Stop it!” reports Joker’s Updates.

At about midnight, Raven was seen on live feeds following Paul out of a back bedroom and into the kitchen. Eventually, Raven became weary and went to sleep in the rose bedroom, as Paul and a few other Big Brother 19 houseguests listened to Kevin’s bedtime stories.

It appears that the very next morning, Raven began to “hover” over Paul as he was cooking, Joker’s Updates live feed reports note.

Although Raven may be interested in getting close to Paul to enter into a showmance, it is more likely that she simply misses Matt and wants to platonically align with the clear power player in the Big Brother 19 house, Paul.

Whatever the case may be, Paul does not seem interested in a showmance whatsoever, so “Friendship” or “Boys” is all Raven can hope for from the veteran mastermind anyway.

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[Featured Image by Sonja Fleming/CBS]