Serena Williams Baby Name: What Did Tennis Star Name Her Baby Girl, And Where Can You See Pictures?

What did Serena Williams name her new baby girl, and where will you be able to see pictures of the newborn?

Just minutes after the announcement late Friday afternoon that the tennis pro had given birth to her first child, people flooded the internet trying to find the details about the baby girl. Serena’s name was among the biggest trending topics on both Twitter and Google, and many people were inquiring about when they might get a glimpse of the newborn. While some of those details may have to wait, there are already some tidbits hitting the internet.

As USA Today reported, Serena’s baby was born at six-pounds, 13-ounces on Friday. The baby girl’s aunt, Venus Williams, even had time to share her thoughts just minutes before her match at the U.S. Open on Friday afternoon.

“Obviously I’m super excited. Words can’t describe,” she told ESPN.

But the other important details about Serena Williams’ baby — including her name and pictures — have yet to be revealed. There could be some strong hints as to where they might first show up, however.

The social-media savvy Serena Williams has used her personal pages to share other details about her pregnancy, including using Snapchat to take a picture of her baby bump and first announce the pregnancy to the world. Many fans have been keeping an eye on both Serena’s Snapchat (her username is SerenaUnmatched) and Instagram pages to see if the baby pictures might show up.

Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, is even bigger on social media as the founder of the site Reddit, which is among the top five most visited websites in the United States. When the two first got engaged, Ohanian announced the happy moment in a post on Reddit.

So far, Ohanian has posted nothing about the new baby on Reddit, though many are also following along his kn0thing username to see if he might share some pictures or other details.

For now, it appears that Serena Williams isn’t ready to share her baby’s name with media outlets. Bustle reached out to her representative for a comment, but has not yet received a response in the hours since the little girl was born. You can also stay tuned here, with updates of whenever the baby’s name or first pictures first hit the internet.

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